Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t quite as bad as it used to be. Granted, you need to put up with the posts on Facebook discussing surprise engagements, romantic dinners, and how amazing someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend is. Luckily, now we you have plenty of opportunities to meet fellow singletons, and if you are savvy enough, snag a date of your own.

Getting a date online for Valentine’s Day isn’t as hard as many would assume. First of all, let’s mention just how this holiday makes single people feel – they want to be part of the celebrations too! So this leads to an impressive increase in the amount of active users joining online dating websites around this time of the year.

And you don’t need us to tell you that more people looking for love online means you have an even better chance of finding yourself a date!

Don’t despair

Even if you don’t meet someone before this special day, you can get online on February 14 as there will be more than a fair few people feeling a little down and looking to try their luck with online dating.

Choose your online dating method

It can be a free dating site, a paid one, or even a simple dating app like Zoosk. Go for whatever suits your goals! Heading out to bars and trying your luck on complete strangers can be a futile exercise when trying to get yourself a date for Valentine’s Day. At least with online dating you know everyone there is single and looking, which can only work to your advantage!

Don’t be secretive

Take the time to fill out a profile when registering to a dating website, as it will give you a better chance of finding a match. Similarly, ensure you are logging in to the site on a daily basis so that it is clear your profile is active, as this will improve your chances of meeting someone too.

Be proactive

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, start sending out some flirty messages and use your most efficient ice-breaking techniques to connect with other online daters. Some simple rules to follow: keep your grammar clear and concise, your vocabulary decent, and make absolutely no mention of exes, no matter how funny the story is or how much you are still suffering!

Take it step by step

Once you get chatting with someone, try to take things to the next level by organizing a video or audio chat to better get to know them. Should this go well, you’re ready to organise an actual date, and what better time to do so than Valentine’s Day?

A little planning and a bit of courage can definitely help when it comes to finding a romantic match online. With a little bit of luck, you could find yourself enjoying a romantic dinner with your date on Valentine’s Day!

Ready to get started? Check our reviews, find the online site that best suits your style and start looking for your Valentine’s Day date today!

Dana Simmons
Dana was determined to find that special someone. Years of being single made her reluctant to believe salvation would come from the online environment. Now a married woman and a mother of two, Dana’s an advocate of online dating sites and is passionate on writing about their success. Dana is a regular contributing writer to the Top 5 Dating Sites blog.
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