We all know who he is, the leader of the pack. Somehow, when he walks into a room, he suddenly becomes the center of attention. He usually dresses well. He is beyond confident and often very successful. People like him and often, people are very intimidated by him. He knows who he is and he knows the power he yields over others. It is actually this power that makes him so attractive. He is the most powerful man in the room, the biggest influencer, the one everyone stops to listen to and look at. It is also these qualities that can make him exceptionally alluring to many women.

How To Recognize Him Online

He certainly has a presence, often walking around with the air of a king – and who doesn’t want to be a queen? When it comes to online dating, sometimes it’s easy to pick up this trait in his personality profile. He will be found on most dating sitesOnline dating sites offer him a great opportunity to find love. It will say words like dominant, leader, proactive, popular, sometimes even – winner! The pictures he posts will be different to the norm. He will always look exceptionally stylish, sometimes surrounded by friends, or showing a picture of him giving a speech in an auditorium. The pictures will always show him being in charge – this is definitely not the type of man who posts pictures of himself squeezing his sister Betty’s Toy Pomeranian and smiling, no. That kind of a picture makes him look too weak.

Real Life Heroes

But let me not confuse you into thinking that alpha males are just a bunch of dominant men walking around. These men also make amazing leaders – think Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) in Gladiator or even Ned Stark (played by Sean Bean) of Game Of Thrones. Of course there are real life amazing leaders like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. These are alpha men able to transform nations. They often feel like they have strong missions and purposes in life.

Typical Careers Of Alpha Males

Alpha men will always follow the call of being at the top of their game. Whether they end up being a NBA superstar, or hot-shot entrepreneur, they will always call the shots. They will always be in charge. They hate being told what to do so they will make damn sure to climb up that ladder of success as fast as possible.

The Two Kind Of Women Alpha Males Especially Love

The Alpha Female

Alpha men love nothing more than a challenge. They are instantly attracted to alpha women because of the obvious quality traits they share. Although this sounds like a match made in heaven, often it is not. Two “Alphas” under one roof can end up in catastrophic fights, both always wanting their own way. The sex will always be passionate – they are always challenging each other – who can outlast who. But, when one realizes they cannot win, that’s when they walk away.

The Free Spirit

The next choice of woman of an Alpha man is a free-spirited woman. Someone who is her own person – very free and independent. This woman is a huge challenge for the alpha male. She doesn’t give a damn about how powerful he is and she is usually very strong internally. She may be a kind of “drifter”, highly artistic and will laugh often – even making the alpha male laugh at all his own “ego-power-trip” nonsense. She may be one of the only types of relationship that he will allow to get close to his heart. The relationship between the alpha male and the free-spirited woman is a very strong bond. It doesn’t always last long though because he will eventually try to “own” her and this lady can’t be tamed. She will eventually leave if she feels too constricted by him.

How To Attract His Attention

  • Hold your own. No matter what, if you’re a lady that can stand her ground, that will automatically grab his attention because people usually do whatever he says. Be tough, be strong – and you’ll get noticed!
  • Wear red. This sounds arbitrary but it actually works. According to studies, it has been found that women dressed in red arouse a higher sexual attraction to men compared to women dressed in other colors. Alpha men are strong and dominant and red is definitely one of their colors. It is natural that they will notice you immediately if you wear red.
  • Praise him. This is not cheap flattery, mind you. This is genuine praise. Praise for the fact that he is such a strong person. Praise for the fact that he is such an amazing leader. Praise for the way he treats you so well (let’s hope he does). If this kind of man is going out of his way to charm you – flowers etc., let him know you appreciate it!

Final Thought

Alpha men are highly alluring, they often attract positive situations and lead fast-paced lives. Just know that if one has caught your eye and you’re actually dating him you are going to be in for one hell of a ride! So, buckle up, apply that extra coat of Chanel red lipstick and get ready for a truly one-of-a-kind relationship!

Leah Goldberg
Content writer and manager Leah Goldberg has been writing articles and stories, and blogging for years. Her monthly column in a Condé Nast Publications Magazine is very popular amongst her readers. Leah enjoys researching the latest software products and platforms and blogging about the latest technology. When Leah is not writing you will find her on the beach sipping on a Mojito!
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  • A.

    You have mostly described a Narcissist which these sites are full of. Most Alpha males have Narcissistic traits, Ego out of balance. At first I thought you were offering insight into how be wary on a dating sight, to help Woman be discerning.

  • Blossy

    I thought you were describing a Narcissistic Personality at first? Alpha Males Ego is often out of balance with Humility and someone to well be wary of and look for Red Flags, before applying that extra coat of Red Chanel Lipstick. Youre right about them being across all dating sights! Its how I was targeted by one.

  • Leah Goldberg

    Hi there,
    Thank you for taking the time to reply to this article.
    It is true that sometimes alpha males can be very narcissistic at times. Good luck with all your online dating!
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