As women we always want to smell beautiful. Our olfactory sense is so important as it connects us to memories. A smell is more than just a smell. It intrigues, it attracts – it can even repel. The documentary The Empire of Scents available on Netflix, takes you on a journey through the sense of smell. It shows the world’s leading authorities in scent identification explaining how and why scents are so important. We know that though. The smell of freshly baked vanilla cookies takes us back to the times we were children sitting in our grandmothers’ kitchens and some exotic smells take us to the memories of our highest and most passionate moments. That is what smell captures – sweet memories. Smell also reveals your personality. That is why it is so crucial to choose a perfume that speaks who you are. When choosing the perfect, sexiest and most seductive perfumes of all it is important not be too impressed by fancy glass bottles but rather be aware of the key notes of scent and feelings it arouses within. Of course, scent is connected to attraction and it goes without saying that when out on a date you don’t feel complete without a spritz of your favorite scent. So whether you met your boyfriend through online dating on easy-to-navigate sites such as Zoosk or eHarmony or going on many dates through these channels, you want to smell beautiful and sexy because this leads to more self-confidence. So, we narrowed down the top scents on the market. Here is a list of the sexiest and sultriest perfumes available in 2018!


10 . Shalimar by Guerlain

shalimar gorgeous

Shalimar by Guerlain is in almost every list of the top sexiest, classic and romantic perfumes. It has been around since 1921. It is a sensual scent created by Jacques Guerlain to capture the passionate romance of Shah Jahan and Princess Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal and Shalimar Gardens were built for Mumtaz Mahal. The fragrance contains notes of civet, bergamot, vanilla, rose, frankincense, lemon, leather, iris, ambergris (a highly desired and expensive fragrance much like musk), patchouli, tonka bean, opopanax, jasmine, sandalwood and musk. It is classified as an Oriental perfume. The shape of the bottle is modeled after the basins of eastern gardens and Mongolian stupa art. The blue, bottle topper shaped like a fan was inspired by a design of silverware that was owned by the Guerlain family. As of 2017, Shalimar was Guerlain’s second best selling fragrance, after Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire. With approximately 108 bottles being sold every hour figures don’t lie! This is an amazingly popular fragrance that will make you feel like a sultry goddess in love.


9. Miss Dior by Christian Dior

miss dior allowed

Miss Dior perfume comes in a playfully sophisticated bottle with its top wrapped in a silver bow. Miss Dior (formerly known as Miss Dior Cherie) was launched with its new name in 2012. It was created to capture the spirit of an “elegant and spirited young woman in love.” It represents freedom and seduction – two very alluring traits. Think of it as a young woman independent, strong and able to make her own choices in life but who leaves a trail of sexual allure and charm wherever she steps. The composition is a chypre that slowly develops. It starts off with the sharp charm of a fresh, fruity and citrus scent where floral notes follow moving onto patchouli and finally musk. The top notes are Italian mandarin. The heart is jasmine absolute and rose. The base is patchouli and musk. It is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum and comes highly rated.


8. Narciso Rodriguez For Her

8 narciso rodriguez perfume

This is an intriguing perfume. It is a personal favorite of mine, exceptionally sultry and makes you want to breathe in your scent all day. Being covered in it makes you think of being covered in a gorgeous, warm and comfortable light rose blanket. It is not a floral scent though but a definite musk. The top notes are rose and peach. The heart is amber and musk and the base is patchouli and sandalwood. Simply stunning!


7. Sycomore by Chanel

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This Eau de Parfum is described as “a perfume of woods”. Sycomore has a woody floral musk fragrance. It was introduced in 2008. It is smoky and spicy and is a scent that revolves around vetiver. It contains sandalwood, violet, aldehydes and tobacco.


6. Black Opium New Glowing Eau De Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent

yves saint laurent

This new fresh addition came out in 2018, Yves saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Toilette is a gorgeous sultry and seductive fragrance with fruity notes of tart and refreshing black currant mixed with pear zest, green mandarin bark and citruses. The heart of this particular Black Opium is composed of white flowers placed on an oriental and woody base. Of course, there is coffee refreshed by pear and citrus. It is for the woman that is energetic, impulsive and can’t get enough of fun! She loves the unexpected and lives in the moment. This scent is exceptionally seductive and doesn’t go unnoticed. If this is you, you can’t go wrong!


5. Trésor Midnight Rose by Lancôme

tresor 2

This is a scent of Parisian romance. It is seductive and is a mix of raspberry and rose. Its top notes are raspberry rose absolute. The heart is jasmine, peony, currant buds and pink pepper and the base is Virginian cedar, musk and vanilla. It was released into the market in 2011. It is a treasure and a beautiful perfume for a young and sensually sophisticated woman ready to take on the night


4. Samsara Eau De Parfum by Guerlain

narcissus try 2

This is a classic, long-lasting perfume which was created by Jean Paul Guerlain back in 1989. It gives off feelings of sensuality and sophistication and is recommended for romantic dates. The top notes are gorgeous, juicy and fresh: lemon, ylang-ylang, bergamot, peach and green notes. The heart is elegant jasmine, iris, narcissus, violet as well as delicate rose. The base is made up of sandalwood, amber, vanilla, tonka bean and the ever-so-seductive musk.


3. Ysatis by Givenchy

givenchy 1

Ysatis was created in 1984. It is a perfume that has stood the test of time. It has an elegant bottle that matches the luxurious smelling fragrance. The top notes are coconut, ylang-ylang, galbanum, rose wood, citrus and aldehydes. The heart notes are made up of jasmine, narcissus, tuberose and rose. The base notes are delicious patchouli, seductive musk, amber, sandalwood, vetiver and civet. It is long lasting and the Ysatis woman is described as smart, emotional and distinct.


2. Hypnotic Poison by Dior

hypnotic try 2

This delicious perfume – there is no other way to describe it, had Milla Jovovich as the model used for its advertising campaign. It was launched in 1998 and is an Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. The top notes are apricot, plum and coconut. The middle notes are tuberose, jasmine, caraway, lily-of-the-valley, rose, Brazilian rosewood and caraway. The base notes are sandalwood, almond, vanilla and musk. This is an addictive, unforgettable fragrance that is simply sensual, sexual and inviting. An absolute winner in all categories!


1.Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

tom ford 2

This delicious fragrance came out in 2015 and is a scent that delivers seduction and opens up with bergamot, mandarin, Succan absolute (purified rum extract) as well as delicious honey. Its heart is an imaginary accord of black orchid blended with notes velvet orchid. There is Turkish rose oil as well as jasmine and more orchid – purple – from the wilds of the Brazilian coast. Added to this are floral notes of heliotrope, orange blossom, narcissus, rose absolute and hyacinth. The base is comforting, warm and sensual thanks to Peru balsam, vanilla, myrrh, suede, labdanum and sandalwood. It is a long-lasting fragrance that will make you feel like an exotic goddess.


So there you go! Enjoy your next trip to your favorite perfume shop and say “oui” to trying out all these perfumes. Take the one that speaks to you the most. Remember to always spray it on your skin for its true scent and wait a few minutes before breathing it in. Who knows? Maybe the perfume you choose will be the one that you will favor over a lifetime of dates, social gatherings and intimate moments.


Leah Goldberg
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