Meeting potential romantic partners does not happen every day. Sometimes romances are sparked at work, sometimes you meet through friends and more often than not people meet through online dating. Often these are free dating sites and really easy to access. Sometimes free dating gets even better with age. Finally, when you do meet the partner of your dreams, it’s nice to have a bunch of activities to do together. Any date can be romantic when it’s spent with the one you love and when you do lots of different things together the spark of romance easily stays alive. Here are the top 10 romantic dates you can both look forward to this Valentine’s Day:

1.      Spa Day

Spending the day together at the spa is a sensual experience. There’s lovely packages for couples where they can spend the day together getting pampered. First you can spend time together in the Rasul Chamber massaging mud on each other and washing off with the shower. It’s an exotic experience and one that is very intimate. Afterwards, there’s the joint massage where you both get massaged together in the same room by two massage therapists. This is a very relaxing experience and calming. Lights are dimmed, candles are lit and beautiful music is played. Later you can experience brunch/lunch together and relax by the pool and spend time in the jacuzzi.

2.      Fun on a Catamaran

Spending time together on a yacht is great but often accompanies tons of friends and other people. A nice substitute is a catamaran which is much smaller. You can hire one for just the two of you or a few of your close friends and spend the day travelling on the ocean and breathing in the sea breeze. You can bring champagne and other delicious treats on board and tan together on deck.

3.      Skydiving

Skydiving is so much fun because it is literally an out-of-this-world experience. It’s quite scary at first but with trained professionals you know you are safe. It’s a fun, adrenalin pumping, heart palpitating adventure that you both will never forget. Just make sure to go with a very reputable company that preferably has been referred to you by a friend.

4.      Picnic

There’s something really beautiful about just sitting on a picnic blanket with your loved one amongst the grass, trees, butterflies and bees. It’s something we experienced so much as children – just exploring nature. It’s very relaxing. Just bring a picnic basket with your favorite treats, sandwiches, fruit, drinks and champagne and whisper sweet nothings to each other. This simple romantic date has always been a winner!

5.      Arcade

As kids it was so much fun to go to the arcade and play games. Men love sports and challenges, games and copmpetitions – but so do women.  Sitting down in a big arcade playing video games against each other will bring a bag of laughs and is a serious way to just have fun together. If the arcade is attached to a bowling alley, even better!

6.      Beach Date

This is an obvious romantic date. The beach is just a really relaxing place to be. It’s nice to hang out there the whole day on beach recliners getting a tan together, jumping in the ocean and conquering those waves together.

7.      Fun with Friends

Some people think it’s more romantic to spend time together all the time. Actually, it’s noticing how the love of your life interacts with other people – especially your friends that makes you love the little things about them even more. You fall in love with who the person is when you are with them but watching who they are with others and the way they treat others – are they kind and polite? Do they have a good heart? Do they have integrity and confidence? That’s what makes them stand out. Have fun with friends, and it will add to your romance.

8.      Dinner at a Fancy Hotel

Going out to dinner together is a pleasure especially if you both love experiencing different cuisines. Dinner at a fancy hotel allows you both to really dress up for the night. It’s an opportunity to eat really gorgeous food cooked by a professional chef and spend a lovely night together.

9.      Dancing

Sometimes it’s just exciting to go out together and get your groove on. It’s always interesting to see how your partner dances and it can be really sexy. Feeling the music together and translating that into movement is an awesome experience. Mix that up with some cocktails and it’s a night of pure pleasure and fun.

10.    In-House Movie

The thing about watching movies at the cinema is that it’s a great experience but you can’t talk. Not only that but you can’t cuddle together – you can’t get too affectionate with each other, especially if the cinema is packed. At home, the two of you have the opportunity to watch a movie together, put your feet up, chat during the movie and be as affectionate as you want during the movie.

So there you go! 10 Romantic dates to keep you having romantic fun together. These activities should keep you busy for quite a while so enjoy!

Leah Goldberg
Content writer and manager Leah Goldberg has been writing articles and stories, and blogging for years. Her monthly column in a Condé Nast Publications Magazine is very popular amongst her readers. Leah enjoys researching the latest software products and platforms and blogging about the latest technology. When Leah is not writing you will find her on the beach sipping on a Mojito!
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