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Given the increased popularity online dating has been enjoying during the last decades, more and more websites offering virtual matchmaking services have appeared. While some of them continue to deal with the general “single and looking” community, others tend to specialize either geographically or thematically. Nowadays there are online dating websites for single moms, for widows and widowers, for hikers, pet owners, for horse riders, and why not, for golf lovers.

If you know the basic golf terminology and don’t think a “threesome” can only refer to a love triangle and an “apron” to the clothing item people wear while cooking, GolfMates is a great option for you. Targeted at a very well defined community of people who play golf on a regular basis, this online dating website can help you find a romantic match who shares your passion and your favorite pastime.

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Registration Process

The registration process walks you through the usual steps, asking all the familiar questions about age, appearance, sexual orientation, religion, profession, and so on.

Unlike general dating websites, though, GolfMates has a special section referring to your golfing abilities and preferences. Be prepared to reveal which type of golf course you prefer and how many times a week you practice this sport.

Aside from these few questions referring to golf, you will find that GolfMates registration process is rather short, taking considerably less time than for those online dating sites with complicated matchmaking algorithms.

Actually, GolfMates replaces the need for a complicated algorithm with the focus on a shared love of golf.

Plans & Pricing

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will be able to browse other online dating profiles, but if you want to communicate with them, you will have to upgrade your account, paying a monthly fee of $34.95.

The subscription price can go down to $11.66 if you’re prepared to commit to a one-year subscription up front. Gold accounts are ad-free and include the option of contacting people you are interested in via the website’s emailing or instant messaging systems.

Features & Functionality’s particularity lies in its very specific target – the community of golf playing singles. The idea behind the site was that those who share a common passion have more chance of falling in love and to enjoy the time spent together.

This does not mean that you can’t include in your profile information regarding other interest you have in life such as your music or movie preferences, your hobbies and your dreams. Although golf lies at the center of the website, the profile is the place to introduce yourself and describe other facets of your personality.

GolfMates offers a geographical filter enabling online daters to look for golf lovers who live in the same area. You might be surprised to see that the number of results the geographical search returns is considerably smaller than on other online dating websites, especially the general ones. However, all of them have a particular feature in common – golf plays an important role in their day to day lives.


When you put a load of like-minded enthusiasts who are all passionate about the same thing into a confined online area, you can almost guarantee that there will be sparks flying in no time. The fact that is a dating platform purely for those looking for exactly the same things as each other gives all its members a massive head-start in the online dating world.

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Emma Walters
Emma is an arts and science student graduating this year from NYU. She loves New York City and writes about her big city single-hood experiences. “Being single in the Big Apple is more of a task than a status”, she says, “Dating sites are great for socializing, especially if you’re new in town”. Emma is a regular contributor to the Top 5 Dating blog.
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