You thought online dating was reserved for the young? Wrong! Actually, using dating sites to find a relationship is something that can get even better as you grow older. Why? Here are a five good reasons:

You are wiser

With more life experience than 10 or 20 years ago, you approach things differently. Not only are you more aware of the risks, but you’ve probably developed a nose for fishy smells and know when to back off. Here are some loving words of wisdom.

You are not afraid to be yourself

It’s true, appearances matter. However, with age and life experience you understand that when it comes to human relationships, being truthful about who you are will always pay off.

You don’t overanalyze

When we’re young, we overthink every little comment and gesture. As times goes by, we understand that overanalyzing can often be the wrong thing to do. Trying to decrypt the mysteries behind someone else’s behaviour is not the way to go.

You know better than to run everything by your best friend

Maybe you used to do this at the age of 20, but now you know better than that! You make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. No need to run everything by your best friend. You are the one that matters!

It’s okay to be picky

Yes, it is! Just do what’s best for you! When it comes to finding love you have to be true to yourself.

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