You are looking for love went on that first date with someone new because you want that special relationship. You found someone on an online dating site, or they found you. You looked at their profile and decided to give it a chance.

Your expectations were high and you were hoping to meet someone perfect, then, instead of the fireworks that you were expecting, your first date was just okay.

Now you’re thinking about whether you should go on a second date. Here are 6 things to consider when you make that decision.

1. Punctuality

The first thing you noticed about your date was whether he was there on time. Being five minutes late is one thing, but being extremely late can show that he is not a serious, responsible or respectful person. Showing up on time shows respect for your time, and that he cares enough about the date to make an effort.

2. Appearance

The second thing that you notice about your date is how similar or different he was from his profile picture. If his picture was from 10 years ago, or hers was apparently Photoshopped, you might be dealing with someone who is insecure, has low self-esteem, or might be untruthful – not qualities that you should be looking for in second date material.

3. Attraction

Did you feel any initial attraction towards the other person? Did you feel awkward or even uncomfortable? These are things that you need to consider. Sometimes your intuition is the best indicator. If first date awkwardness was the problem perhaps a second date might solve it. If you were intimidated by the other person, it might be a good sign that it’s time to move on.

4. Attention

If your date can’t seem to stop using his phone during the date, it’s a good indicator that he’s uninterested or even bored. It could also be that this person is incapable of giving his undivided attention to one person. If you feel ignored, or that your date is bored, it’s a bad sign. Maybe he’s even chatting up another woman. Put him in his place, tell him he’s being rude and if he carries on, literally get up and leave.

5. Conversation

There are people that can talk a lot but say nothing about themselves, or that say very little, but reveal a whole lot about who they are. You need to decide whether you liked talking to this person and liked the way the conversation went. If you feel that the conversation was a bit slow, but you had a lot in common, perhaps they’re worthy of a second chance.

6. Body language

If the other person avoids eye contact, or seemed very rigid, it might be that they’re shy, unconfident, or nervous. If a few smiles break free regardless, it could be that it will take a while for this person to open up to you, but it might be worth it.

You need think hard and keep an open mind on whether to go on that second date. If not, don’t take too long to head back into the dating world. Check out our recommended dating sites.