New to the online dating arena? Have you been comparing dating sites to see which one you like the most? One thing you’ll quickly discover is just how important it is to be able to start a chat with someone in a way that gets the conversation flowing quickly.
Here are a few tips you should definitely try if you’re stuck at “Hi!”

Compliments will take you a long way

Study other online daters’ profiles carefully, and think of compliments you could offer them. Don’t overdo it, though! Be truthful and express yourself in simple words!

A bit of humour never hurts

An innocent joke is a good conversation starter. However, you should choose it carefully and remain on the right side of decent if you want to be sure of making a connection. Just make sure you keep it short and sweet!

Focus on common interests

Talking about something you have in common is always a good idea. You will always have something to say and the conversation should flow naturally.

Weather is not such a bad idea

Do you think it’s a cliché? Maybe, but it can always be used as a conversation opener if you give it a twist? How’s the weather there in Chicago? Paris must be so romantic under the rain! Next thing you know, the two of you are talking about the city, vacation spots, ways to escape the rain…

Bonus tip: Practice always makes it better! Once you’ve picked your strategy, try it out online and offline!

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