When Tinder first debuted on the market, the world of mobile dating was just getting started. Back then our only criteria for meeting the opposite sex was: “single”. Back then, there were also a lot less profiles to swipe through. Now, with millions of Tinder users worldwide, including people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, swiping through Tinder is like shooting blindly into a barrel and hoping you hit Prince Charming. It’s just not enough.

What’s the good news? You have options! It’s time to narrow down your search based on what hobbies you enjoy, what concerts you like to attend, and what kind of social circle you run in. Be picky, get personal, and start dating people who are worth your time with these mobile apps that are better than Tinder.


1. Coffee Meets Bagel

One match per day- that’s all you get with Coffee Meets Bagel. While Tinder floods your match list with randoms all day, your match on CMB feel special, exciting, serendipitous even. The schmear on top of your fresh daily bagel? Coffee Meets Bagel starts the conversation for the two of you by asking colorful questions like, “Guys, beer or wine?” No cheesy openers or sleazy pick-up lines here.


2. Bumble

The ladies have all the power (and responsibility) on Bumble! Here’s how it works: when a match is made, the girls have 24 hours to message the guys first or the match disappears. Girls like this app because they aren’t inundated with bold messages and the guys like it because they are inundated with bold messages! The tables are turned and it’s working.


3. Hinge

You only get 20 matches per day and they are all linked to your inner circle. That’s right, friends of friends only! You are less likely to be matched with a psycho or a serial killer when you have common friends on Facebook, right? You’ll even know their full name so you can do a little internet research (aka stalking) before your date. If you like to be in control of your love life, Hinge is for you.


4. Plenty of Fish

If it’s odds that you’re looking for, they are pretty good with Plenty of Fish- a dating app with tens of millions of users worldwide! Better yet, you can cast your line as far as you like. Instead of being limited to a 100-mile radius to find your sweetie, you can search members in far-reaching cities. If you’re going on a trip, about to move cross country, or just want to see if the grass really is greener in the other county, you’ll like the freedom of POF settings.


5. Happn

Sometimes destiny is right in front of your face but you’re too busy to see it! That girl who rides the train at the same time as you every day and that guy who visits your favorite coffee shop just 30 minutes before you each Sunday- find them on Happn. It’s a dating app that matches people who frequently cross paths…but possibly haven’t met yet.


6. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the OG dating sites but has now graduated to be one of the leaders in mobile dating. Simple sign up and easy-to-swipe interface make OkCupid an enjoyable route, while the matching algorithm makes OkCupid a promising route. Instead of matches based on proximity, OkCupid matches potential lovers based off of interests, lifestyle, and relationship ambitions.


7. MeetMe

The goal of MeetMe is simple: to help users meet new people and expand their social circle. The quickest and most entertaining way to get acquainted is through games. On MeetMe, you can interact with matches and/or “Blind Dates” with built-in entertainment. Of course, you can also control the age, gender and location of your matches to find friends with whom there could be a spark.


8. Clover

Scroll through Clover users without having to swipe left or right- initially. You can even see who has liked you, but don’t have to go for it right away. Let someone grow on you rather than throwing away a potentially fantastic match just because you’re not feeling guys with beards this month. You may change your mind and when you do, revisit that rugged man and let sparks fly.


9. Score

Playing hard to get has never been so easy! Instead of putting yourself on a profile platter, make the user work to slowly reveal your photos. To fall in love with your photos, they’ve first got to fall in love with your connection. Users will answer questions and trivia and when their answers match, previously blurred photos will be revealed. In the meantime, the two of you can carry on a meaningful conversation charged by something other than pure physical attraction.


10. Blendr

Want to side-step all the drawn out conversation and chatter and move straight to the date? Blendr is a “geosocial” dating app that is meant to connect people based on their close proximity and interests right away. This dating app was created as the straight version of Grindr, yet is not necessarily target at immediate hook ups. Use the status bar to let the masses know what you’re up to like, “Headed to the Kodaline concert” and if there is anyone in the area doing the same- now you’ve got a date!


You wouldn’t hang out at a BBQ buffet to meet the vegetarian princess of your dreams and you wouldn’t go to the frat house to meet an established gentleman who’s going to sweep you off your feet. You’ve got to start treating your online dating habits in the same way you wouldn’t your real life dating habits.

Get specific with your dating goals! Want to filter out the creeps? Go with Bumble. Looking for girls who follow a similar faith? Use Plenty of Fish. The online dating tools are out there, you’ve just got to decide which one to pick up and use in order to find your match.


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Alexa Weeks
Alexa is a writer, traveler, and self-proclaimed online dating expert from Seattle. From making mistakes, to falling in love, she’s experienced it all. Alexa is here to give you all the tips, insight, and advice you'll ever need in the world of dating and romance.
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