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Opening Lines for Online Dating: Tips From a Dating Coach

Jamie Faye | 12.11.18 | | Comments

The cursor is blinking in your face, seemingly mocking you: “be charming,” “make them want to write back,” “make them like you.” It’s all too much. You’re feeling pressured to write opening lines for online dating that get through to someone who’s supposedly compatible based...

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How to Avoid Online Dating Burnout

Alexa Weeks | 22.10.18 | | Comments

Let’s face it, online dating can be frustrating and disheartening. Countless dates and hours of online chats, and you still haven’t found the one. It's understandable that you might suffer from online dating burnout. Online dating can be rough, especially when people neglect common courtesies because...

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Best Fall Date Ideas for Autumn 2018

Alexa Weeks | 08.10.18 | | Comments

From pumpkin patches to warm cups of apple cider, autumn is without a doubt the coziest season of the year. The rich colors and smells of autumn set the scene for unforgettable and romantic dates, making it the perfect season for both old and new...

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Online Dating Profile: 13 Tips for Creating the Best One

Alexa Weeks | 06.09.18 | | Comments

Your online dating profile is the online version of your first impression. These days, online dating has become a popular way of finding a date or even someone for a serious and long-term relationship, so a good profile is important. On the one hand, you...

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The Only Book Guys Ever Need To Read On Dating (For Men’s Eyes Only!)

Leah Goldberg | 02.05.18 | | Comments

Don’t you hate those articles like “The Top 10 Books on Dating in 2018?” Who’s got time to read that many books? Truth is, you only need one really good book to get a huge advantage over 90% of guys out there on dating sites, or in real life...

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The Rare Perfect Girl (And Why She Is On A Date With You)

Leah Goldberg | 22.04.18 | | Comments

Online dating is really a roll of the dice. I hate to quote Forrest Gump, but “you never know what you are going to get”. The two of you might have great chemistry in dating app emails and texts, maybe even talking on the phone, but when...

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10 Signs That He Is Husband Material

Alexa Weeks | 04.04.18 | | Comments

Let’s face it, dating is hard. We are all looking for love, but in order to find it, we’ve got to put in the work. It takes hours on dating sites; scrolling through profiles, looking for a guy who stands out and then praying to the...

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How to Calm Your Nerves On A Date

Alexa Weeks | 14.03.18 | | Comments

You’ve got a date tonight and you’re freaking out. It’s normal. In fact, the person who you have been virtually online dating with the past month, who is going to meet you for the first time to is also freaking out. Everyone is freaking out! After all,...

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The 8 Most Romantic Cities In The World

Leah Goldberg | 07.03.18 | | Comments

You may have been dating your beau for the past few months or even years and want to explore the world together. Perhaps you met through online dating (there are so many free dating sites out there, after all) or you were introduced through mutual friends who know you...

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12 Best Gifts to Give the Woman You Just Started Dating

Alexa Weeks | 21.02.18 | | Comments

Love is a magical time for new couples! Perhaps you met each other through online dating through one of the best dating sites such as eHarmony. But when it comes to gift giving, things can get real awkward really quick. If you’re wondering whether or not you should give her...

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Online Dating in 2018: What to Look Out For

Leah Goldberg | 19.02.18 | | Comments

Online dating is far from being a new kid on the block. This phenomenon emerged decades ago and is now mainstream. Everybody gets online to look for romance, whether what they have in mind is a casual one-night-stand or a long term relationship. However, things keep changing...

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11 DIY Christmas Gifts from the Heart

Alexa Weeks | 18.12.17 | | Comments

You were looking for love and then you found it, maybe even through online dating - and now it's Christmas. It’s that time of the year again! The time where you face the dilemma of ‘What do you get someone who already has everything’? The answer: a DIY gift...

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The Men We Dated In Our 20s (And What We Learned)

Alexa Weeks | 22.11.17 | | Comments

If I had to guess, I’d say that Prince Charming is certainly in his mid 30’s. But for some reason, we’ve always believed that we would find him in his 20’s. A fixer-upper that we could discover before he bloomed, clean him up, and make...

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10 Signs That Your Crush Isn’t That Interested

Alexa Weeks | 08.10.17 | | Comments

There is a sociological theory called ‘The Principle of Least Interest’. You don’t have to research this theory to understand it, because you’re living it. It basically describes a relationship where one person is more committed than the other. The person with the least interest in the relationship...

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10 Dating Apps That Are Better Than Tinder

Alexa Weeks | 23.08.17 | | Comments

When Tinder first debuted on the market, the world of mobile dating was just getting started. Back then our only criteria for meeting the opposite sex was: “single”. Back then, there were also a lot less profiles to swipe through. Now, with millions of Tinder...

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9 Tips To Finding Your Sizzling Summer Fling

Melissa Schreiber | 27.07.17 | | Comments

Berflupm adaybuzing. Huh? Oh sorry, that was just my summer brain speaking, or whatever’s left of it that hasn’t already melted away in this sweltering heat. What I meant to say was: You’ve been complaining about having a boring summer, but have you actually attempted...

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7 Ways to Jump Ship Mid-Date (and Survive)!

Melissa Schreiber | 13.04.17 | | Comments

When you are looking for love, the dating game can get exhausting, especially when it comes to online dating. You meet a seemingly nice person online, you try to get excited for yet another first date and get yourself spruced up. You don’t really know what your...

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eHarmony Updates Its Features for 2017

Karen Hayoun | 03.01.17 | | Comments

eHarmony is one of the online dating service giants. It has been around since 2000, and has seen much success. But almost two decades later, the world of online dating sites looks very different than it used to, and eHarmony has unveiled three major changes to its service that are...

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How To Go From Chatting Online To Dating In Real Life

Alexa Weeks | 06.12.16 | | Comments

If you’re looking for someone to meet for a quick hook-up, that’s easy. Go on Tinder, swipe right, and have a quick fling within a few hours. But if you’re looking for someone with whom you can spark a connection and grow a real relationship, then...

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20 Great Openings To Spark Conversations Online

Alexa Weeks | 07.11.16 | | Comments

During my experience with dating sites, often my inbox will be full of messages from matches that give me nothing to work with: “Whats up?” “How’s it going?” “You're so pretty” “What’s your name?” These are all pleasant messages, but none of them grab my attention enough...

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