Love is our human right! Everyone deserves to find happiness with a partner who fulfills them on every level. No matter what you’re into, whether it is socially strange, specific or just uncommon – there is someone out there that shares that same love – you’ve just got to find them.

If you happen to identify with one of these ten niches, then it’s your lucky day – because there’s an online dating site for that!


1. Black People Meet

This is a great site for like-minded African-American singles looking at finding and creating a serious relationship. It has a fantastic matching algorithm and contains a large and active member-base.

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2. Special Bridge

Everyone wants to love and be loved. A dating site for people with mental, and physical disabilities is well overdue. People with special needs have hearts and desires deserving of companionship just like everyone else. As most of us are aware, the dating game can be shallow and harsh. This online community offers a no-judgments platform for seekers of affection.

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3. PetPeopleMeet

When filling out your profile, sometimes a pet feels like a big secret, like wearing a parole ankle bracelet – you are not sure if everyone is going to be OK with this part of your life. Whether you have one dog or a dozen cats, you are sure to find the “puurfect” partner for you, and maybe even a partner for your pet at PetPeopleMeet.

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4. GolfMates

This is a site dedicated for people who just can’t get enough of golf. If golf is your go-to sport of pleasure then why not find romance with someone who has an equal amount of passion for the same sport. At least you’ll always know what activity to spend together when wanting to get out. Get your golf clubs ready, go online and find your perfect mate to share a cup of “tee” with.

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5. Beautiful People

BeautifulPeople - Love for the fortunate of face

Are you just so ridiculously good looking that it’s hard to find a date? Do you sometimes look in the mirror and want to kiss it, but can’t? There are tons of single people out there with the exact same struggle. Don’t hold back any longer; join BeautifulPeople. Disclaimer: you will be rejected if you aren’t “hot” enough.

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6. OurTime

Our grandparents grew up in an age where socializing was always face-to-face. Now, possibly retired or maybe even widowed, grandpa doesn’t have that many opportunities to satisfy his social needs! Here is a method for the older generation to find love. However, you may have to help them set up a profile.



7. MenNation

MenNation is the perfect site for you if you enjoy gay romances. It is a site specially dedicated to gay and bisexual men wanting to hook-up casually in their area. If this these kind of relationships speak to you, then MenNation is for you!

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8. Pink Wink

PinkWink is one of the top lesbian dating sites. It offers a sophisticated algorithm that calculates compatability based on personality traits. It also offers a fun Live Chat feature. If a serious lesbian romance is what you are looking for then this site was made for you!

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9. Gluten Free Singles

If you are gluten intolerant, have allergies or specific health and diet requirements, this site is for you. No more fear of your first date winding up at a pizza or pasta restaurant! Any date you score off of this website is sure to be with someone leading a similar lifestyle.

Visit GlutenFreeSingles


10. Be Naughty

Ok, ok. Who hasn’t sometimes gone online because they are bored and looking for some casual fun. Be Naughty is just that. It’s a dating site created for casual hookups and fun.

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If your interests run more mainstream, check out our recommended online dating sites and grab your very own ticket to the land of love!


Alexa Weeks
Alexa is a writer, traveler, and self-proclaimed online dating expert from Seattle. From making mistakes, to falling in love, she’s experienced it all. Alexa is here to give you all the tips, insight, and advice you'll ever need in the world of dating and romance.
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