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Quit wasting your time with mediocre talent on standard mobile hookup apps. If you really want to find attractive partners who are eager to play, then you need to try C-Date. Every open-minded member on this site is looking for the same thing – to have a little fun with no strings attached. No matter what fantasies or kinks you’re into, there are plenty of Aussies on C-Date ready to experiment with you.

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Registration Process

The standard registration process is free and involves just six quick steps.
The first step is to decipher exactly what you’re looking for; whether it’s simply meeting singles, flirting, watching another couple, kinky games, chatting, or a long-term arrangement. You can highlight as many categories as you like that describe what it is that you’re looking for.
The second step asks who you’re attracted to – men, women, or both.
Next, tell them where you’re from. There are dozens of modern countries included outside of Australia such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Taiwan, and so on, from which members can join.
For the fourth step, C-Date wants to know your age and relationship status so they can match you more precisely.

In the next step, tell them what you look like and don’t hold back! There is someone out there who desires your exact body type and appearance.
Finally, the sixth step is where you make your account official by giving your email address and password. A confirmation email will be sent to you. You’ll receive a link in your inbox that will lead you to the next stage: building your profile.
Initially, you are free to browse the site and even read the messages you receive, however, only paid subscription members are able to interact with other members.

Plans & Pricing

On C-Date, there are three pricing options displayed in Australian Dollars: The Premium Start package offers three months for $59.90/month, the Premium-Classic package offers 6 months for $39.90/month, and the Premium Relax package offers 12 months for $29.90/month. As you can see, the bigger the package is, the lower the rates become. Other than the price and length of plan, there is no difference between these plans in terms of inclusivity or features.

As a paid member, you have full access to C-Date’s amenities. You can message back and forth with other members, view full profiles, and even view the “erotic gallery”.

Features and Functionality

Member Profile C-Date makes it easy to market yourself via your online profile. Using a drop-down box, they’ll ask you to select your profession, education, drinking & smoking habits, and disclose whether you have any tattoos or nicknames. If you don’t wish to share this information with the world, there is the option to select “Ask Me Personally”. C-Date will also prompt you to describe yourself by allowing you to choose a list of personality characteristics that may describe you and physical attributes that you are proud of such as your chest or legs.
With a simple glace at a member’s profile, you can get a good idea of who they are. Their profile picture is displayed to the left next to an “About Me” section, which details some important get-to-know-you stats.
You’ll also notice that once on the profile page, a new navigation bar will appear to help you move between profile settings and your database search criteria.
Your Erotic Type Define you erotic type by choosing 5 photos from a large selection of suggestive thumbnails. These five photos will be displayed on your profile to represent what turns you on.
Home Page C-Date’s homepage is possibly the most straightforward homepage out there in terms of use. You have a navigation bar at the top, a list of members who are available to chat in the box to the right and in the center you’ll find a section labeled “What’s New” to show member activity. Just below that are profile thumbnails of your matches. That’s it! The Home Page is clean, modern, and will allow you to connect with people even quicker than other dating websites.
Navigation Bar That Navigation bar is modest with just three main portals: Fees, Contacts, and Mailbox. On the right-hand perimeter of the Navigation Bar are widgets for you to view your profile, matches, and see who likes you or who has viewed you. This is one Navigation Bar that isn’t overloaded with unnecessary buttons that you’ll never use!
Messaging If you see someone you within the ‘Matches’ section on your homepage, there is a big green button next to their picture where you can immediately write them a message. To view your messages, click on the ‘Mailbox’ icon to take you to your inbox where you can read and write message just like on any other messaging platform.
Search From your profile’s navigation bar, you can click on ‘Search Criteria’ to fine-tune the specific type of hookup buddy you’re looking for. If you wish, you can specify the appearance, marital status, location, or other key measurements in regards to your future partner. Perhaps the most standout feature, however, is your ability to specify the sexual desires you wish for your partner to share.
Mobile Available on Android and iPhone, C-Date’s mobile site is just as easy to use at their desktop site. Profiles are displayed beautifully and you can jump between profiles swiftly until you find someone you like. Browse, match, and message your way to an interesting evening with a new playful friend.

Support and Safety

Unfortunately, this element of C-Date has not yet been developed. They do not offer any safety guides or support features so it’s up to you to trust your gut and think clearly!

Pros & Cons

C-Date is unlike any other hookup app on the market in terms of sexual positivity. There doesn’t seem to be any safety protocol or contact information for the website.
The site itself is beautifully designed with unique and captivating features.

The Final Word

So, what sets C-Date apart from the other hookup apps and dating websites out there? On C-Date, you’re not going to meet people who waste your time by window-shopping with no real intentions to meet. The members here are looking to hookup- plain and simple. Compared to other hookup apps on the market, which force you to sign up with your social media account, C-Date puts you in control so you can be as discreet as you’d like. Allow your fantasies to run wild and let the games begin.

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C-date Review