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Where do you turn when you are tired of playing the “dating game” and want to find a serious relationship? Try a dating website that goes above and beyond the usual window-shopping and infinite messaging. Give eHarmony a shot.

eHarmony has consistently had some of the highest relationship success rates in the dating world for years. This can be attributed not only to their scientific compatibility algorithm used to match members, but also the respectable pool of daters attracted to this site in particular. eHarmony’s database is diverse with people of all ages and from all backgrounds, all hoping to move beyond the second date.

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Registration Process

eHarmony’s registration process is notoriously extensive, but not at all intimidating. As with most dating sites, they ask for your basic information such your name, gender, location- the usual. This step is free and identical for every potential member.

Now comes the fun part! Your success on eHarmony is based on a thorough personality assessment. Provided with a very user-friendly interface, you will be asked to rate yourself using a ‘1-10 scale’ on personality traits such as kindness, your views on life such as religion, and traits that you’d like your match to possess. They will ask you your income, but this will not be displayed on your profile. You must answer every single question asked in order for your matches to be generated and for you to move forward.

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  • 1_13
  • 1_15

Each question (and there are many) is deliberately plugged into the compatibility equation, which they will use to find your proper match, so give yourself about 30 minutes to give yourself enough time to answer all of the questions honestly.

After all of the hard work is through you will be taken straight to pricing. You can skip this stage by clicking the ‘eHarmony’ logo in the top left-hand corner to access a limited view of your matches, and build your profile.

Plans & Pricing

As you may notice, eHarmony’s pricing is slightly higher than other dating sites, but then again, so is their success rate.


There are three types of membership you can subscribe to:
Free: You can view your matches’ profiles, but you cannot view their photos or communicate with them. You can also build your profile and access eHarmony articles.
Standard: With a standard membership, you can view your matches’ profiles and photos, receive notifications when a match views or messages you, receive and send unlimited messages, and best of all, stalk your matches to see when they’ve last logged in.
If you dig into the fine print, you’ll also discover that there is a 1-month plan available for $59.95.
Total Connect Package: This package includes all of the above, plus gets your ID verified (to ensure you’re not a catfish), and provides access to the Secure Call, which is a straightforward online phone system. This package is only slightly more expensive than the standard, with the 3-month plan costing $39.95.

It is very important to note that when your subscription is coming to an end eHarmony will automatically renew your plan (charging your credit card) unless you actively cancel your plan.


eHarmony is modern and super easy to use while offering exclusive features you have not likely seen on other dating websites.

Building Your Profile You don’t have to dread building a profile anymore! eHarmony profiles are generated by answering prompts instead of the more common “Tell me about yourself” section. Fill in some light-hearted questions about the last book you read and some hard-hitting questions about your passions.
You’ll notice that right above your profile photo, neatly displayed are the most common makers or breakers. A quick glance and a match can view your stance on smoking, drinking, pets and kids.
Member Homepage A pretty common feature among all dating sites is the homepage. When you log in, you are taken to this screen which displays an update on all activity. See who has written to you, who has viewed your profile, or requested to communicate with you. At the top of the page, notifications will appear to alert you to the number of new matches and messages received.

Remember that intense questionnaire you took? That’s all part of eHarmony’s compatibility algorithm aimed to generate precise matches for you. You will be delivered new matches almost every day based on your criteria. Although you can’t pick your matches, you have some say in the matter regarding their proximity to you and their age.

There is also the “What If” option to view matches that fall just outside your criteria. You can even “Hide” matches that you’re not sure you’re interested in and view them at a later time.

View Matches “Incognito” You can purchase this extra feature, which allows you to view your matches anonymously by switching on or off the “Incognito” toggle on the bottom of the ‘Matches’ page.
Send a Smile If you are too shy, you can send a “smile” to your match to show them that you’re interested and hope that they respond by reaching out to you.
Communication A unique eHarmony feature is their messaging course, which follows three stages:

  • 5 Quick Questions
  • Make or Break
  • EH free-flow messages

This process gives you a chance to learn a little bit about the other person in a no-pressure situation in order to help you decide if you’d like to communicate further. Once you reach the stage to freely message each other, you’ve already got a sense of that person’s personality. Now you can follow up on previous questions exchanged or talk about a discovered shared interest.
Similar to other dating sites, eHarmony’s messaging format is pretty straightforward.

There is, however, the option to skip ahead of these stages and freely message each other as long as both members agree.

eHarmony Mobile App

As with the desktop site, eHarmony’s mobile app is very well designed and easy to use. In appearance, the mobile app is similar to Facebook’s home feed. You can scroll down to see all of the activity of your matches, whether they messaged you, looked at your profile or smiled at you. It also alerts you when you have new matches. You can click on these to go right to the action.

Also similar to Facebook, at the very bottom of the screen are three widgets with notifications of activity and messages. At the top of the mobile app, you can flip through categories such as “visitors”, “profile updates”, “photo updates” and more up-to-date areas.


Support and Safety

Being in the business of matching strangers, eHarmony takes safety very seriously. Before you private message a match, their support and safety guidebook will pop up. Their EH (private messaging) Guidelines are displayed and you can click on each headline to read more about protecting yourself.
The guidelines are as follows:

  • Always Use Your Best Judgment
  • NEVER Share Financial Information or Certain Personal Information
  • Protect Your Account
  • Be Cautious When Sharing Personal Information
  • Do Your Own Research
  • Use Caution When Deciding to Clink on Any URL Link
  • Take Your Time
  • Make Your First Date Safe and Successful
  • Always be Respectful and Kind
  • Report Concerns About a Match to eHarmony

Pros & Cons

User-friendly Profiles: 15 seconds on a profile is all it takes to get a thorough first impression of your match. Your matches are restricted to those members eHarmony believes are right for you. You may initially get matched with 12 people who are all really interesting to you but if they aren’t, all you can really do is wait for new matches.
Ease of Communication: No one-liners here! eHarmony suggests poignant questions to ask your potential match to truly get acquainted.
Less Pressure: From setting up your profile, to approaching a potential partner, eHarmony will walk you through it all. eHarmony’s first priority seems to be to match you with people who are right for you, not just close to you. You may find that some of your matches live quite far away.

The Final Word

If you are either brand new to, or losing patience with online dating- eHarmony doesn’t just provide an opportunity for love, but a method to get you there. Compared to other dating sites, you’ll notice that the members here are more serious and not just looking for a hookup. eHarmony’s membership price does more than just support eHarmony’s continuous relationship research; it also can assure you that any member subscribed here is serious and stable enough to be able to commit to a membership subscription.
As reported by eHarmony, 438 people get married every day as a result of their outstanding compatibility algorithm. The chances of you meeting someone special are pretty good here as long as you stay true to who you are and what you’re looking for. Remember…all you need is one.

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Emma Walters
Emma is an arts and science student graduating this year from NYU. She loves New York City and writes about her big city single-hood experiences. “Being single in the Big Apple is more of a task than a status”, she says, “Dating sites are great for socializing, especially if you’re new in town”. Emma is a regular contributor to the Top 5 Dating blog.
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  • Maryann

    I had horrible experience on eharmony. Scammers there too. Difficult to contact eharmony customer service. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they don’t auto renew me April1. I canceled, but according to online complaints about eharmony. many times they continue to bill your card. I’m going to contact my bank and have them block eharmony from debiting my account,….for safe measure.


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eHarmony Review