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If you come from a Jewish family, you’ve probably felt the pressure at family gatherings to settle down with a nice Jewish partner. To be Jewish goes beyond religion – it encompasses culture and identity. Not only that, but also your family’s culture, and possibly your friends’ culture, as well.
If you’re Jewish and looking for a relationship, like everyone, you’re going to have deal breakers.
Maybe it’s important to you to find someone who is kosher; or to find someone who values going to temple; or just to find someone who your traditional mother will approve of.
JDate’s mission is to strengthen the Jewish community by building strong relationships with solid foundations. This site boasts amazing success; data shows that thousands of marriages began on JDate. That being said, it’s easy to see why JDate has become the number one dating website for Jewish people looking for a partner.

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Registration Process

Time to register! Keeping up with the times, JDate is LGBT friendly; you are asked your gender and what gender you are seeking with no strict parameters. Fill out the standard questions regarding your location, age, height, and all the basics. Then you’ll be asked lifestyle questions about your education, current job, etc.

Jewish people don’t all fit into the same box, so, next it’s time to answer questions about the way you practice. Are you conservative? Are you Orthodox? Are you just culturally Jewish but not practicing? Questions will dig pretty deep, for example, “How often do you go to synagogue?” Yes, this kind of feels like an interrogation by your new mother-in-law, but it’s over fairly quickly, and really helps the matchmaking process.
Once these details are squared away, you can begin the somewhat intensive profile-building phase, or you can take a detour and browse profiles.
You don’t have to sign up for a membership in order to browse member profiles, but you do need a membership to communicate other members

Plans & Pricing

On JDate, you have two membership options: Standard and Premium. The standard plan offers you every feature you can expect from a dating site such as messaging, and browsing. If you opt for the Premium Plan, you become a Highlighted Member, which means more people see your profile.
Additionally, a Premium Plan gives you access to message receipts that let you know if the person you’re talking to has read your message.

The Standard Plan seems like the best deal considering that the Premium Plan requires you to sign up for a package of 6 Months. If you were planning on signing up for 6 months anyways, it’s around $15 to upgrade from the Standard Plan to the Premium Plan. It’s up to you if you consider those extra benefits worth the cash.
Overall, the price of a JDate membership compares quite similarly to other dating websites. All the bells and whistles are included, with no loopholes in sight in the Standard Plan. In fact, considering their successful track record the price is absolutely justifiable.

Features and Functionality

Homepage JDate’s homepage is convenient, as you can conduct all your activity from one location. View the members who have checked you out & those you have checked out, check your matches, visit ‘Kibitz Corner’ where you answer quiz-like questions, access the ‘Secret Admirer’ feature and see some links to dating-related articles and advertisements right on one page.
At the top of the homepage is the Navigation Bar where you can jump between your Inbox, Matches, Activity, Browsing screen and Community information.
Your Photos JDate asks that you upload a clear photo featuring only you and no one else. You can import photos from Facebook or your desktop, and to ensure your photo isn’t too racy it will initially be “pending approval” from the admins.
Filling Out Your Profile Compared to other dating websites, your profile on JDate requires you to answer a larger quantity of questions, which are more in-depth. There are 13 different sections with open-ended prompts such as, “A perfect first date” and “A brief history of my life”. Then there are 4 multiple-choice sections asking about your background and ideal partner. Keep scrolling and you’ll come across a section covering your interests and favorite quotes. All of this completed information will be displayed on your profile for other members to see.
Matches You are in control of your matches at JDate! Go to ‘Match Preferences’ to describe your perfect partner in regards to distance, religion, height and other deal-breakers. You will get new matches daily based on these preferences whom you can contact as your please.
Browse Members You will only get a limited number of matches per day, so you might want to take matters into your own hands by browsing freely based on location or age. Scroll through their profiles and contact the intriguing ones!
Kibitz Quiz At the bottom of your profile is an interactive section called ‘Kibitz’ that asks playful questions. When you click on the profile of someone you’re interested in, you can see how your answers compare to theirs, and vice versa.
Hide/Incognito If you want to browse members anonymously, you can alter your settings free of charge. In you profile, go to Account Settings and then click on Profile Display Settings. You have a few options to hide, like browsing history, or hide yourself so you don’t show up in public searches. Make sure you select “Save Changes” to lock in your decision.
Messaging Messaging on this site is a bit overwhelming in terms of organization. You have two options: you can live chat similar to a messenger app, or you can send messages. It’s very easy, but the interface is crowded. You need to have a Standard Membership in order to message.
Secret Admirer If you come across an attractive profile but don’t have the courage to message them you can click on a heart icon and hope that that person does the same for you. If you both click each other’s heart icon, you will each be notified that the feeling is mutual! This may give you the courage to start a flirty conversation.
Mobile App Access all of JDate’s desktop features on their simple mobile app. After signing in, you are immediately taken to the app’s homepage where you can scroll through members’ short profiles, which feature their picture and condensed details. This app is fun because it almost feels like you’re window-shopping. When someone catches your eye, a simple tap on their photo takes you to their full profile where you can interact with them. To navigate the app, you’ll find the options toggle in the left hand corner, which you can tap to display all of the apps features.

Support and Safety

JDate has a strict location policy in order to ensure that each member is genuine. If JDate has reason to believe that you’ve given a false location, whether it’s because your IP address pings somewhere else, or you have signed up with one of the sister websites with a different location, the support team at JDate will suspend your profile. To regain access, customer support asks you to provide a scanned photo of your ID with an address that matches a utility bill to prove your location. It’s a bit over the top, but it may give you peace of mind that other members are authentic.
The site also covers online dating safety tips and agreements.

Pros & Cons

According to JDate, this dating site is “responsible for 52% of the Jewish marriages that started online.” You can read through success stories on the site. Navigation of the site feels a bit cramped with a lot of information on one page.
JDate’s database has plenty of members with whom to interact. The messaging system could be more organized.

The Final Word

JDate is one of the most thorough dating sites out there in terms of collecting data specific to your cultural and religious preferences. Now, you and your partner don’t have to debate which religion to raise your kids or what kind of wedding ceremony you’re going to have…I know, we’re getting ahead of ourselves but face it, you know what you want and here is an online dating service that can provide it for you. Studies show that individuals who share religion tend to have much more sustainable bonds. Quit sifting through mainstream sites to find a Jewish partner that fulfills your needs. Step your game up and jump into the biggest Jewish dating pool online with JDate.

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