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Online dating should be playful, flirty and fun. We’re all looking for love, but to love someone you need to like them first. At Zoosk, that is precisely the goal. Their slogan “First comes like” is the primary path we all need to be on, and Zoosk is going to take you there! Zoosk relies on a behavioral matching method unlike any other dating website out there today, giving you a tailored matchmaking service which you control. Your intrigue will be sparked and your ego will definitely stroked in this frolicsome online community full of relationship hopefuls just like you.
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Registration Process

Getting Started is broken down into three effortless sections: location, photo and about you.
Choose where you are from by typing in your area and clicking the suggested options that appear. The location settings are dependent on where you are at the moment, so it’s best to tackle this at home.
When it’s time to upload your photo you should be prepared. Uploading a photo that doesn’t meet the following guidelines will be immediately removed: use a clear photo, be alone in your photo and be in a well-lit place. I learned the hard way that your photo can’t be black & white or have a beer mug obstructing the view of your face.
Now, to get to know a bit about you. The very first questions asked are quite personal yet relatively painless. Use the dropdown menu to select your details regarding body type, children, education, ethnicity, etc. Afterwards, you will be sent a confirmation email and that’s it. Once you have confirmed your account, you can start building your profile and browsing the site.


Plans & Pricing

Zoosk is much less expensive than other dating sites out there. You don’t have to break the bank to find love. For nearly half the price of its competitors, you can subscribe to a membership at Zoosk with no hesitation. Choose between one, three and six-month memberships that include all the bells and whistles; there are no “premium” memberships here.


Although you don’t have to subscribe in order to build your profile, or browse Zoosk members, you must subscribe in order to send and view messages. The catch here is that other Zoosk members can fill up your inbox, which you will be alerted of, but in order for you to view those messages you’ve got to sign up! It’s a sneaky tactic by Zoosk, but all is fair in love and war.


How it Works: Zoosk is not strictly match-based like many other dating websites. You can peruse members’ profiles at your whim. The more you interact with the website’s features and surveys, the more information they can gather to suggest matches for you. Use a tool called Smart Pick to provide info about your partner preferences to assist the process.

Homepage: As you’d expect with a homepage, to the left is a navigation bar with the most useful shortcuts such as messages, amusing matching features and the ability to see who has viewed you. On the top, you can adjust your settings, and view general activity notifications. In the center is where all the magic pops up.
The default Zoosk activity on your homepage is their Smart Pick feature where you can browse matches selected for you and either express or deny interest. All the features you need are right there in one easy-to-use and visually appealing interface.1_25
Your Profile: Filling out your profile won’t take long, but it will take a little soul-searching. There are 4 open-ended prompts to tell your story, describe your perfect match and your ideal date. There is a section to list some of your interests, as well as opportunity to disclose your job and income. Have fun with it and make it your own.
Carousel: As the name suggests, this game is a way for you to rotate through members to find ones that catch your eye. With each member photo you are asked the question, “Would you like to meet him/her?” and you can choose ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’. Obviously ‘No’ takes you to the next member, and if you say ‘Yes”, that person will be notified that you want to “Meet” them. By the end of the game, Zoosk has learned what catches your eye, and can now offer you more precise matches whom you can directly contact.
Messaging: Whether you are messaging matches or members out of the blue, it’s a pretty straightforward system. You can scroll through the messages you’ve received to view them, respond or delete them. Write a message and click send, it’s as easy as that. You can also send a “wink” to get their attention, or “add” someone so they are in a favorites category of sorts and easy to access.
Go Invisible:  With this feature, you can browse profiles and photos without your activity being noticed by other members. This feature isn’t free, however. You must purchase ‘coins’ to spend as currency on the website.
Send a “Gift”: You can send a virtual gift in the form of an emoticon. This will also cost you coins that you must purchase from Zoosk. From a girls’ perspective, skip this feature and wait for a real date to impress them with a real gift.
Zoosk Mobile App:  Avaible through Android and iPhone, this dating app is very handy and just as fun to use as the website. The app includes all the features of the website, in addition to the option of verifying your photos (see Support & Safety).

Support and Safety

A big problem with online dating is Catfishing, a problem that Zoosk is tackling head on. The Zoosk app has a special feature to ensure that member photos are genuine. Using the mobile app, go to your profile and up will pop the ‘Verify’ option. You will be prompted to take a non-invasive, 10-second selfie video, complete with instructions to confirm your identity. This is very modern, and very fun! After you have verified yourself a green check mark will appear next to your photos indicating that you have been verified.
To further ensure that dating on Zoosk is as kosher as it gets, Zoosk has a very thorough section on their app and website entitled “Online Dating Safety Tips” that are quite essential and worth a read.
If you have any problems, questions or kinks to work out, just a quick email or phone call to Zoosk’s customer service reps is all it takes. They are resourceful and quick to respond.

Pros & Cons

Zoosk has possibly the quickest sign-up process out there Once your membership is nearing an end your subscription will renew automatically unless you cancel it
This dating website has a design that is entertaining and addicting to use
Zoosk has attracted a large number of daters which means more options for you

The Final Word

Why isn’t everyone using Zoosk already? This dating service is about real people looking to make real connections. If their tear-jerking commercials aren’t enough to reel you in, maybe their database of over 27 million members is. With better odds of finding the right person, and less of an attack on your bank account, this top dating site offers you more to gain and less to lose! Zoosk’s entertaining features and no-pressure approach allow you can relax and be yourself while looking for that special someone. You can sense that the main goal at Zoosk is to provide a fair service to its members, and the fee is totally justified.  Give it a shot and discover why so many online daters trust Zoosk as their online matchmaker on their journey to love.

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Dana Simmons
Dana was determined to find that special someone. Years of being single made her reluctant to believe salvation would come from the online environment. Now a married woman and a mother of two, Dana’s an advocate of online dating sites and is passionate on writing about their success. Dana is a regular contributing writer to the Top 5 Dating Sites blog.
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  • Dave

    Worst,most controlling dating site on the net !!!Membership allows you to send messages,but if the person you message is not a member,they can not read them !!! If you pay for a membership you should be able to communicate with the person you message !! That doesn’t mean that person is able to talk to everyone,Just the member that sent them a message !!! Furthermore,what you put on your profile is controlled ,edited ,and deleted at their disgression !!! Might as well throw your money in the wind than waste your time on this site !!!!!

  • Jen

    Thank you Dave. Match.com sucks too, blocks photos if not religious etc..

  • Roy

    You did not mention in the con that those prices come with hidden fees ,like $24.00 admin fee, their match making system is sub std. most of the photos are blurred, many other sites offer more

  • vincent

    I had paid for 3 moths, but I did not that the payment was recurrent . I noticed this when the automatic payment came in my credit card.
    when I complaint they cancelled my subcription.

  • kris

    Free doesn’t mean u have to pay that claim is outright fiction.if u don’t pay you can only look at profiles no communication, needs to be removed from free list


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    The site constantly sends you notices that someones messaged you or matched you when it never happened. They have this annoying caracel feature that they just try to get tou to pay more for. The search isnt automatically localized so you constantly have to go in and modify what your looking for.


Zoosk Review