10 Signs That He Is Husband Material

Alexa Weeks

Apr 04 2018

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Let’s face it, dating is hard. We are all looking for love, but in order to find it, we’ve got to put in the work. It takes hours on dating sites; scrolling through profiles, looking for a guy who stands out and then praying to the gods that he has the potential to be more than just another Tinder hookup.

Then one day, the first date suddenly doesn’t feel awkward or forced. The first date turns into a second, a third, and soon you are rarely apart. You genuinely enjoy spending time with this other person. As the relationship slowly begins to blossom, you finally feel at ease. You no longer have to take on the world all by yourself. You can breathe.

Just when you think the hard work is over, another daunting question begins to creep in. How do you know if the person you are dating will be “the one”? The one that the best dating sites promise to help you find. The one that is made for marriage. Thankfully, we’ve found 10 signs that a guy will show if he’s husband material.

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He’s looking for more than a physical connection

As many of us know sex is great, but, sloppy, rushed, one-night stands get old after a while. Sex is even better when there’s an emotional connection involved. A man who is interested in more than just a physical connection with you will take the time to learn about you. Rather than calling you late at night for a quick hookup, he’ll call you to see how your day was. He’ll ask questions and he’ll want you to share your life with him.

He knows how to communicate

It’s as if men believe that us ladies are mind readers! As cool as that superpower would be, we have no idea what the opposite sex is thinking. It’s frustrating when your man comes home upset and you can’t figure out what’s wrong or he’s got that quiet & cold attitude going. You need a man who knows how to communicate, who can express his emotions in a mature way, and who wants to hear what you have to say. A relationship built on open communication is sure to be successful, even during the tough times.

He’s not afraid of PDA

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the relationship for 2 months or 2 years, he should still want to hold your hand when you’re out in public. A man who is husband material knows that even the smallest displays of affection will make your heart melt. Tasteful PDA is the perfect way for him to remind you how incredibly lucky he is to have you.

He likes to let loose

There are the guys who think they are way too cool to get up and do the funky chicken dance. Then there are the guys who don’t care what anyone else thinks and will rock that chicken dance like nobody’s business. Always go with the second guy. There’s no need to be serious all the time. If you think you may want to spend the rest of your life together, pick a man who enjoys life and is willing to let loose.  You need someone who can make even the worst days feel a little bit lighter.

He’s family-oriented

If he’s husband material you should also consider the possibility of having a family together. You should notice how well he treats his mom, his grandmother, and his siblings. Notice the little things like how often he calls his parents or how he interacts with his niece and nephew. If he’s family-oriented, he will make the effort to be there for his relatives. When you see the amount of love he has for his family, then you know he will do the same for you and your future family together.

He helps out around the house

No one likes chores, but household chores are much more enjoyable if you can share the workload. Rather than leaving all the work up to you, he’ll offer to do the dishes. Or maybe he takes the time to make dinner with you. The lasagna in the oven won’t be the only thing that’s heating up when you have a man that knows his way around the kitchen.

He makes sure that you spend quality time together

As a relationship develops, it is easy to fall into a routine. Everyone has busy lives, but if he’s husband material, he will make the effort to spend quality time with you. It doesn’t have to be fancy, maybe he takes you out for a picnic or you walk the dog together.  He appreciates any and every chance he has to be with you.

He’s trustworthy

The first time you decide to trust someone, it’s a leap of faith. They may hurt you, but you are giving them a chance. As your relationship develops, you should be able to feel that initial sense of suspicion start to fade away. You know he has no ulterior motives and that he would never use anything against you to hurt you. You should be able to take everything he says as the truth. If he’s husband material you should trust that his feelings for you are true and that he would never do anything to hurt you.

He’s serious about your future together

The future is often a scary place, but if your man is open and excited about sharing his future with you, then he is husband material. Rather than making decisions based on his opinions alone, he’s asking for your input. He shares with you his thoughts and dreams and wants you to be a part of them. It becomes about ‘our future’ rather than ‘my future’.

He accepts you just as you are

He calls you beautiful even when you’re chilling out on the couch surrounded by empty Chinese take-out boxes while watching Netflix. He doesn’t care about your stinky morning breath or the way you always lose your keys right when you’re trying to leave the house. You never have to hide your true self around him because he accepts you, and all of your flaws, just as you are.

Whether it’s online dating, dating apps, or running into a cute guy at the coffee shop, you never know where you may find your potential husband. So, stay open and keep this checklist around so that when things start feeling serious, you can make sure that he’s husband material.

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