5 Men To Avoid Dating After Your Divorce

Alexa Weeks | 06.10.16 | | Comments

Let’s just say it’s probably been a while since your most recent “first date”. You’re divorce is through and you can’t wait to move on to the next chapter in your life and find a meaningful relationship. Once you’re ready to enter the dating game again and looking for love, you might feel like a kid in a candy shop. There are tons of free dating sites, and more elite dating sites full of profiles of attractive, charming men who are ready to sweep you off your feet. But hold on a second, not all that candy is good for you.

Here’s a comprehensive list of men that you will want to avoid at all costs during your transition into eligible bachelorette. Trust me when I tell you that you’re better off catching up on your Netflix show than trying to date these guys:

The Mid-Divorce Man

You have just washed your hands clean of your own divorce; do you really want to get someone else’s dirt under your fingernails? Maybe he’s a nice guy with a good heart, but the inconvenient truth is that he is obligated to spend more time on court proceedings and custody battles than on dates. Wait till he’s clean and clear before you give him a shot.

Guy who is “Currently Separated”

This guy shouldn’t even be in the dating game! There are so many unknown variables in this situation. Is this separation permanent? Does this guy still have feelings for his ex? Are you actually this guy’s rebound? Don’t waste your time being some guy’s side-chick no matter how single he claims to be.

The Boy Toy

The kid that has a thing for older women might sound fun, but this could be a slippery slope. What will start out as a passionate whirlwind romance will quickly turn into a flimsy relationship with a drinking buddy that has you hung-over every Sunday morning. Been there, done that.

Mid-Life Crisis Guy

Sure his car is nice, but he’s digressing in age while you are in a season of growth. This guy is reaching for anything to make him feel young and desirable. He is so lost, and it’s not up to you to help him find himself. Let him work out his identity crisis while you dodge this bullet.

Mamma’s Boy

Are you looking to add another child in your life?  Maybe you’d like to cook, clean, make appointments, and grocery shop for a grown man? Do you enjoy having to speak words of affirmation day in and day out? No? If he lives at home, or owns more video games than he does dishes – move along. This guy is exhausting.

These men might be right for someone, but not for you, and not right now. You’re making a fresh start. Be sure whoever you take a chance on is worthy of your time. You deserve exciting first dates that give you butterflies, not headaches. Make a mental note of what you want in a guy before you even set out to find him, and stick to your standards. A stable man with a charming smile is always a great place to start. Another great place to start is right here, with our ranking of the best dating sites.

Alexa Weeks

Alexa is a writer, traveler, and self-proclaimed online dating expert from Seattle. From making mistakes, to falling in love, she’s experienced it all. Alexa is here to give you all the tips, insight, and advice you'll ever need in the world of dating and romance.

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