9 Tips To Finding Your Sizzling Summer Fling

Melissa Schreiber | 27.07.17 | | Comments

Berflupm adaybuzing. Huh? Oh sorry, that was just my summer brain speaking, or whatever’s left of it that hasn’t already melted away in this sweltering heat.

What I meant to say was: You’ve been complaining about having a boring summer, but have you actually attempted to do anything to change it? It sounds like you’re in dire need of a hot summer fling to lift your spirits.Well here you are, the 9 Hottest Tips To Finding Your Sizzling Summer Fling:

1. Get off that couch!

That sounds obvious… and it is. But someone had to say it! How do you think you’re going to make your summertime fling fantasy come true if you’re sitting on you’re butt all day? The only chance you have of meeting someone that way is if he’s your sexy pizza delivery guy or cute plumber. But let’s face it – that only happens in the movies. So first things first: go out in the world, see and be seen, and you’ll see how many attractive singles await your presence!

2. Get on the couch!

Okay, I know this one directly contradicts what I just wrote literally one second ago. While years of endless scrolling and swiping have no doubt given me a shorter attention span, I didn’t actually forget my previous advice to get off the couch. The thing is, you’ve got to try everything! To spice up your summer love life, you shouldn’t rule anything out. So, sorry if you just got all spruced up to go out and try my off-the-couch approach, and then had to turn immediately back around couchward and get back into your pj’s. Today, the virtual world is slowly taking over the real world, and it is indeed possible to meet someone when you’re sitting and Netflixing. To turn your summer from a solo Netflix fest into a Netflix-and-chill love fest, all you have to do is commit some time to online dating. Maybe the summer heat has made you too lazy to move and you’ve forgotten how to walk, but sometimes that’s okay – in this case, all you have to do is slightly move your finger in swiping fashion. At least your finger will get a workout! Most of the online dating sites have a Tinder-like swiping option where you can quickly browse through pictures and find a match. If you’d rather read more about the person behind the pictures on dating sites and dating apps first before deciding if you’re interested, you can do that instead and still only have to exert your finger muscles to type up a nice profile and find a fun guy to date.

3. Take a walk in the park

Sometimes dating can be rough… but sometimes it’s a walk in the park! If you have a dog, this one’s extra easy – everyone knows that’s the fastest way to meet someone. Your dog may be interested in another dog, and that other dog may have a very cute owner (just like in 101 Dalmatians) and voila! If you want to increase the chances of this happening, try training your dog to wrap its leash around strangers. Then you’ll have your target trapped, and they won’t have any choice but to meet you 😉 If you don’t have a dog, that’s fine too. Take a blanket, pack a picnic, and delve into a light summer read under a tree. Someone interesting just might come your way.

4. Put your phone away

I know this suggestion seems harsh and offensive, since you and your phone are attached at the hip. However, if you love someone or something in this case, set them free. You and your phone need some space. It’s great that you’re out and about, where you could potentially meet your dream guy… but that’s just not going to happen if your eyes are glued to your phone. Sometimes all you have to do is look up! He could be anywhere.

5. Stop being so picky

Who do you think you are – Scarlett Johansson?! Fine, maybe you are her doppelganger, what do I know? But even so, you should expand your options. Especially this summer; summer’s all about fun. You could be passing up a great guy just because he doesn’t fit into your narrow-minded idea of the perfect man you’ve created in your head. Be open to the possibility that the average-looking guy that smiles at you at the café is actually really sweet and cute once you get to know him. Passing up on people just because they don’t seem perfect could mean missing out on either a fun summer fling, or maybe even a real relationship. That guy could end up being Mr. Right. If you don’t give him a chance, you’ll never know.

6. Head to the beach

Sure, this one might get you a few sleezeballs, because guys who come up to random girls on the beach often are. But you’d be surprised – nice guys go to the beach too! See a group of them playing frizbee or volleyball? Join the game. Even if you don’t end up meeting a match, at least you got a fun beach day out of it.

7. Go to Starbucks

If you want to stay indoors in the cool AC, but you’d also like to be out in society where you can see other humans, Starbucks is a great choice. Bring a book or a laptop, but do not use headphones! This gives the hottie at the next table a perfect conversation-starter: “Hey, whatcha reading?” or “What are you working on?” Be sure to look up every once in a while even if you’re really engrossed in your book or your work – that way, you look more open to talk, and people won’t be afraid to disturb you.

8. Say ‘YES’

No, I’m not being weird and telling you to give your consent unwillingly. I’m also not proposing. I just mean that you should take opportunities as they come. When your friends invite you to come to a concert, for example, even if it’s not your favorite musician, go anyway. You’ll still have fun with your friends. And your friends could have friends. And their friends could have friends! You could end up meeting someone great. Don’t wallow in your flingless sorrow, when you could be out creating a fun summer for yourself.

9. Travel

It is a fact of life that the best flings are found on vacations. Something about being in a foreign place and feeling free makes people release their inhibitions and just go with the flow. Not once in history has there been a case of someone traveling to a foreign country and not meeting a single fling-worthy person. If you’ve heard of a case like that, it’s a lie. Even if you’re not thinking of it and are just having an awesome time exploring a new place, your fling will find you if you let it!

Looking for a hot summer fling? Find it here at BeNaughty ! Have more tips to share? Write them in the comments below!

Melissa Schreiber

Melissa is a lover of love, writing, and pretty things. A hopeless romantic, she lives her life as if she’s in a romcom and believes that sometimes you need to actively find your destiny instead of waiting for it to find you. An experienced online dater, Melissa understands how dating sites are the modern day matchmakers.

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