7 Best Virtual Date Ideas During Coronavirus

Joseph Oliveto

May 12 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our lives in ways both big and small. For instance, if you just got into a relationship when the pandemic began, or you were trying to start a relationship, you might now feel you can’t cultivate a romance with anyone due to social distancing.

While it is true that staying inside will prevent you from going on traditional dates for the time being, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go on dates at all. These virtual date ideas prove it’s still entirely possible to “meet up” with a romantic partner in a range of fun ways!

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Your Love Life: 7 Virtual Date Ideas for a COVID-19 Date Night

(Before browsing these ideas, keep in mind, if you’re single right now, you can also use online dating sites such as eharmony and Match.com to meet potential romantic partners when meeting at a bar or in other social settings isn’t an option. This is just another example of a major benefit online dating offers!)

1. “Attend” a Concert Together

You and your partner probably won’t be attending any in-person concerts for the foreseeable future. Luckily, numerous performers are putting on a variety of shows you can stream online. Options include shows featuring Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, the National Symphony Orchestra, and numerous others.

Steaming one of these shows can certainly make for an enjoyable date night if you and your partner already live together. However, even if you’re currently separated from your partner as a result of social distancing, you can still hold a “watch party” together, in which you simultaneously stream one of these concerts and video chat with one another via your individual devices. You might even add to the fun by putting together a menu of your favorite concert snacks!

2. Keep it Simple

Other entries on this list will offer examples of unique virtual dates and long distance date ideas you may consider. However, it’s also worth noting that you might sometimes want to participate in virtual date versions of traditional dates.

For example, maybe your idea of a fun date is simply going to the bar to grab drinks. If you can’t meet up with your partner during the coronavirus pandemic, you can share a drink with them via FaceTime, Zoom, or a similar video chat service. This is the kind of long-distance date idea that will give both of you the chance to talk for hours if you wish.

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3. Tech-Savvy Date Ideas

Are you and your partner up-to-date on the latest tech? If so, you might want to use your gadgets to go on more interesting and unique virtual dates during your time away from each other.

Maybe you’re both among the growing number of people who’ve purchased virtual reality headsets in recent years. Depending on which headsets you own, there are many types of dates you can go on with each other via digital avatars.

The Wander app available on some headsets lets you explore the world together (or simply revisit your favorite familiar spots) thanks to Google Maps’ Streetview. The Big Screen app lets you “go to the movies” together by watching streaming films in a virtual setting designed to resemble an actual movie theater. Plenty of other VR apps also let you play everything from mini-golf to tennis together.

4. Tour a Museum Online

Culturally-inclined daters looking for ways to stimulate their minds during quarantine can tour many of the world’s most famous museums via the internet if they wish. This is another type of coronavirus pandemic date night idea you can enjoy regardless of whether you live with your partner or not.

True, it will probably be easier to take a virtual tour together if you’re both sharing the same screen. However, even if you’re apart, you can still follow the tour together through different devices. Once again, use video chat programs to comment on the exhibits together. It’s worth noting this is also an experience you can more fully immerse yourself in if you both own VR headsets.

5. Go on Group Dates with Trivia Apps

Not all virtual dates need to involve just you and your partner. In the pre-pandemic days, you might have also enjoyed going on dates with other couples. That’s still an option now.

For instance, with the Houseparty video chat app, you and others can play trivia, Pictionary-style games, and many others. That’s certainly a fun way to spend a few hours with others while you’re stuck inside. Of course, even if no one is interested in a game night, you might want to “go to the bar” with other couples using Zoom.

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6. “Get Out” in Nature

Many people stuck inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic miss the simple pleasure of spending time in nature. Maybe you and your partner wish you could still go on your favorite hikes together without worrying about social distancing.

Granted, no digital experience can currently replicate the experience of actually being outdoors. That said, you should know that many YouTube channels and VR apps offer you an alternative. That’s thanks to videos of hikes in such famous locations as Yosemite National Park. More extreme ones also depict activities ranging from rock climbing to sky diving.

As with several of the other examples on this list, you can watch these videos together if you and your partner share a home, or watch them separately while connecting over video chat. Many of these videos also allow those watching them through VR headsets to look around in 360-degrees. Of course, even without a VR headset, watching these videos can help you and your partner feel less confined than you may currently be feeling.

7. Develop New Skills and Acquire New Knowledge

Many people are using the free time they now have to take online classes. Similarly to online dating sites, online educational platforms (such as MasterClass) offer a convenient alternative to in-person experiences these days. If you and your partner want to learn a new skill or learn more about a subject that interests you, consider taking an online class or two together.

You should also remember that you still have the chance to take advantage of these virtual date ideas even if you’re currently single. Many of the online dating platforms we review are filled with people looking for someone to connect with during quarantine. Sign up for one today!

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