Can Owning A Cat Or Dog Help You Find A Date?

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Those that have pets know that they add so much value to our lives. They bring joy, love, and they might even help your chances of finding romance. It’s true! Study after study shows that owning pets makes people appear overwhelmingly more attractive. It’s no wonder why so many dating sites include questions about pets in dating profile questionnaires.

For the singles among the estimated 68% of American households that own pets, this poses a unique question. What role will your pet play in your dating strategy? Obviously, they make for a good conversation starter, chatting online or on first dates alike. They can even act as your wingmen, using their adorableness to make you look good by proxy.

Still, owning pets is no guarantee that you’ll find love. When a relationship starts to get serious, it may even complicate your romance. Read on for more on how owning pets can help you find a date and how to balance pets dating.

What Does Owning A Pet Say About A Person?

For many people, owning a pet can be a huge turn-on. Research suggests that this is especially true for women, who pay more attention to how a person treats their pet. According to evolutionary psychology, women tend to look for signs of being a good parent when considering romantic partners.


So, when trying to find a date, many naturally turn to pet lovers. After all, owning a pet demonstrates their ability to care for another being. It’s not just a show, either. Owning a pet can literally make you into a better partner in a relationship. Here’s how:

Pets teach selflessness and humility – Caring for an animal doesn’t allow time for selfishness. When you have a fuzzy friend relying on your to feed them, care for them, take them out, and clear up after them, you learn to be adaptable. This is a crucial quality to have in a relationship, as you need to recognize that your partner’s needs are just as important as yours. Balance and flexibility are key.

Pets teach patience – Especially helpless babies, like puppies and kittens. Training a pet takes time and patience, which comes in handy as you get closer to a new romantic interest.

Pets teach you how to give love – Those who have trouble showing affection would benefit from owning a pet. Their loyalty and admiration demand love and affection. Once you’re used to showing your pets how much you love them, you’ll be more comfortable showing another person.

Pets teach you how to receive love – This is often more challenging than giving love. If you own a cat or dog, you are the center of their world and they love to show you. Accepting love from another person can feel awkward, especially for those that have never been in a serious relationship. Pets can help you see just how deserving you are.

Is It More Attractive to Own A Cat or Dog?

Sure, owning a pet can make you more attractive, but does it matter what kind of pet you own? For anyone that owns a cat or dog, the answer is obvious: of course it matters. The rivalry between “cat people” and “dog people” is real and affects how likely you are to find a date.

A survey conducted by PetSmart and Match found that cat and dog owners had pointed opinions about dating each other. For example, while 97% of cat owners said they would consider dating a “dog person,” only 66% of “dog people” were so open-minded with “cat people.”

Pet preference isn’t just an issue for existing pet owners, though. 57% of all men surveyed said that their date’s choice in pet says a lot about their personality. So what, exactly, does it say if you own a cat or a dog? There’s no science to say for sure, but there are definitely popular opinions.

“Dog people,” for instance, tend to be more sociable, obedient, and conservative. In relationships, they tend to seek companionship. Cat people, on the other hand, are often more neurotic, open-minded, independent, and sensitive. They are more likely to seek affection in relationships. What matters, though, is that neither is inherently more datable. Only you, not some pet, can determine the right partner for you.

Challenges of Dating with Pets

Before you go and get an animal to help you find a date, remember that pets are a big responsibility. They may make great wingmen, but they’re so much more than that. They require daily attention and care and can be quite costly. Adding a pet to your household is something you should spend time considering and preparing for in advance.

If you do get a pet or if you already have one, know that they can make dating complicated. Once you and a partner have passed the casual dating stage, your lives become more and more intertwined. This means learning to integrate your pets into your relationship. The following are some common relationship challenges posed by pets.


Pets on the bed

Not everybody likes sharing a bed with pets, especially when they’re not their own. When you share a bed with or as a pet owner, make a point of discussing where the pet sleeps. Speak your mind, discuss, and set boundaries. If you’re uncomfortable sharing a bed with an animal and you don’t say anything, you’ll begin to resent sharing a bed with your partner. It may just be what breaks the relationship.

Lack of attention

Single people can get really devoted to their pets. Well, anyone can get really devoted to their pets. People who aren’t used to being in a relationship, though, might pay a disproportionate amount of attention to their animals. This can make some people jealous, but be patient. As you take on a bigger role in your partner’s life, eventually the split will become more equal.

Combining pet households

If both partners own pets and decide to move in together, habituating the pets to each other can be tricky. The key is to create designated zones in the household – one for each pet. That way, they will still feel as if they have their own space.

Co-owning a pet

When you and your partner get serious, you might just consider getting a pet together. It may sound like a wonderful idea at first, the start of a new little family. But you need to be sure you are ready for the commitment. Otherwise, if you break up, you may end up dealing with two heartbreaks, losing your partner and your pet.

Dating Tips For People With Pets

Whether you want to try your luck at finding a fellow pet lover to date or you’ve already found one, here are some useful dating tips.

DO include your pet in your online dating profile picture. This is a great way to snag a potential partner’s attention and find a date. It also gives them an easy subject to kick off the conversation. No one can resist a four-legged friend. A survey of Canadians on EliteSingles found that 68% of singles find it attractive to include a pet in pictures.

pet lovers

DO write about your pet in your dating profile. Owning an animal is no light task. In fact, if you have a pet, it’s is probably a big priority in your life. As such, it’s important to make it clear to any potential romantic partners that you’re kind of a package deal. This is a good way to weed out the people on online dating sites that aren’t looking for anything serious.

DON’T introduce your date to your pet for the first time at home. Opt for neutral ground, like a dog park, instead. Your pet might be alarmed by the new scent and go into defense mode.

DO leave behind an article of clothing. This way your pet can get used to the new person’s smell and the pet will feel more comfortable having them around.

Find a Date With a Pet Lover Today

Now that you know that being a pet lover can help you find a date, touch up your dating profile. Add in those pictures with your favorite four-legged friend and watch your message box fill up! If you’re still considering which online dating sites to join, check out our reviews. That dog-owning dream date of yours is out there somewhere!

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