5 Famous Couples Who Met Using Online Dating Sites

Joseph Oliveto

Mar 30 2021

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Online dating has made finding a relationship easier than ever. That said, some are still reluctant to give it a try.

There are plenty of understandable reasons they cite for not wanting to try the latest popular dating app. Some feel they’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone that they met a partner via a dating app or website. Others question whether dating sites even actually work.

This is understandable. Someone who hasn’t used an online dating service before may have certain expectations about the types of people who use them. Luckily, those who do eventually choose to give online dating a try find that people from all walks of life turn to the Internet to find romantic partners.

This includes celebrities! Several famous couples have actually met online. The following are just a few noteworthy examples:

Famous Couples Who Met Via Online Dating Services

Chrissy Metz & Bradley Collins

Chrissy Metz is one of the stars of the hit show This Is Us. She also met her current boyfriend, Bradley Collins, via the popular dating app Bumble.

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Metz decided to start using Bumble for the same reason many have tried online dating recently: Covid-19 boredom. Unable to work or go out as often as she typically could, Metz felt that using Bumble would help her pass the time during quarantine. Like many, she quickly learned that using a dating app was more than a way to casually connect with others. It was a convenient way to find someone worth starting a genuine relationship with.

Ryan Lochte & Kayla Reid

While we haven’t received any official confirmation that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte met his wife Kayla Reid through a popular dating app, it’s safe to assume that’s the case. In one of her first public interviews about her relationship with Lochte, former model Reid admitted “He was on Tinder, I might be on Tinder” when asked about how the famous couple met.

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Adam Rippon & Jussi-Pekka Kajaala

Ryan Lochte isn’t the only Olympian to find love on Tinder. Olympic skater Adam Rippon, who recently got engaged to Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, also met his partner via the popular dating app. This proves that even the world’s most accomplished athletes can find meeting someone online much more convenient than trying to randomly stumble across the love of your life.

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Sarah Hyland & Wells Adam

This famous couple that met online is somewhat unique in comparison to most other entries on this list. Modern Family star Sarah Hyland didn’t technically meet boyfriend Wells Adam through an online dating service. She actually met him after Tweeting about her crush on Adam when he appeared on The Bachelorette. Adam noticed, and the famous couple eventually met in person.

Although the celebrity couple didn’t use an online dating app to meet, this example nevertheless earns a spot on this list because it highlights why dating apps are useful for everyone from famous couples to average people.

Quite simply, finding someone with whom you’re truly compatible requires finding someone with a very specific set of qualities, values, and more. That can be challenging no matter who you are. Certain dating sites, like eharmony, are particularly helpful because they do the work of finding compatible matches for you. No need to waste time scrolling endlessly through profiles!

Amy Schumer & Ben Hanisch

The fact that Hyland and Adam met via social media instead of a dating app also makes sense given their celebrity status. Although many celebrity couples do meet through online dating services, some celebrities have found that users of dating apps don’t always believe they are who they say they are in their profiles.

That’s why many celebrities looking for love specifically use the dating service Raya, a dating app designed specifically for high-profile users. Comedian Amy Schumer used it to meet ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch. Although the famous couple’s relationship didn’t blossom into a long-term romance, according to the pair, they remain close friends.

This story reveals two important truths about online dating apps. First, online dating apps aren’t only useful for those interested in lifelong commitments. Online dating can also be a way to make new friends, find casual flings, and even network with others in your industry.

Second, this story serves as a reminder that not all online dating apps are ideal for all users. Different apps appeal to different types of people. If you gave online dating a try but weren’t successful, it’s not necessarily because online dating in general isn’t for you. There’s a very good chance you simply haven’t used the right service yet. Reading reviews of various online dating apps and sites can help you better determine which is best for your lifestyle, demographics, and goals.

Honorable mentions

When using online dating sites, it’s also important to remember that finding the right person for you can still take time. That said, using the Internet to find love can definitely speed up the process! Many famous couples can attest to the success of using online dating apps.

The main point to take away from this is that online dating is something anyone can benefit from. Once more, some people who could be taking advantage of these services don’t do so because they think that online dating is reserved for those who can’t find romance elsewhere.

That’s clearly not the case. Celebrities typically have no trouble attracting partners. Despite this, many famous couples have met online. Why? Because finding the person you’re truly meant to be with is a lot less challenging when you have as many options as possible to choose from. Online dating apps and services give you those options.

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