The Best LGBTQ+ Bars In NYC

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New York City is the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ community and Pride. It’s a place where people feel free and comfortable in their own skin. It’s a city that never sleeps with one of the best LGBTQ+ scenes in the WORLD! Millions of people visit New York City every year. The pandemic definitely took its toll on the nightlife NYC was so popular for, but as things are looking for the better, the city is waking up and more establishments are opening their doors to eager visitors.

By having so many titles, it’s expected to find a huge number of bars where the queer community gathers. It’s not an issue to find a queer bar in NYC, the issue is finding the best bars that gay people love visiting. Whether it’s for an occasional drink with friends or the hottest parties you’ve seen, we’ve prepared a list of what we think are the best gay bars in NYC.

The Best LGBTQ+ Bars In NYC

The Rosemont

Located in South Williamsburg, this super-sexy gay bar is a place like no other. You’ll find happy hour offers every day of the week and a relaxed community of the hottest gay people from the area. Drag and karaoke nights are organized every week and are a popular choice amongst the community in this part of the city.

Xstasy Bar And Lounge

The Xstasy Bar and Lounge is located in Brooklyn near Sunset Park. It’s amongst the favorite LGBTQ+ bars when it comes to the Latinx community and has a very relaxed, yet sexy retro décor. It’s a place anyone would enjoy, especially late at night when near-naked hot men start dancing on the stage. You’ll get to enjoy promo offers every day of the week and really entertaining theme nights whenever you visit this amazing establishment!

Dive Bar Lounge (DBL)

The Dive Bar Lounge is one of the best LGBTQ+ bars in NYC. It’s located in Hell’s Kitchen where you’ll find the largest number of gay bars in NYC. What makes it such a popular place is the relaxed vibe and cheap drinks. Because of this, many visit the Dive Bar Lounge to meet with their friends and chill out. Some even visit before checking out other LGBTQ+ bars in this part of New York. Another thing worth mentioning is that the DBL attracts usually a younger crowd.

Gay Bar NYC


The Industry is one of the most amazing gay bars in NYC if you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a place you can chill out with friends and meet new people. During the night, a mixed crowd can be found here enjoying crazy drag parties and live performances. Whether you’re interested in visiting during the day or night, you won’t be disappointed. Some say that this establishment is the place where the largest number of Asian gay people go to.


Rise is also one of the best LGBTQ+ bars in NYC located in Hell’s Kitchen but closer to the Upper West Side. The difference between Rise and other LGBTQ+ bars we already mentioned is the fact that Rise is a place with incredible music, effects, and ultra-high energy. It’s a place where the gay community gathers to drink, dance, and have fun while doing their thing. If you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax, you should try one of the other bars we mentioned.

Gym Sportsbar

Gym Sportsbar is located in Chelsea and it’s a great laid-back place where many people from the LGBTQ+ community come to hang out and chill with their friends. It’s definitely a place that’s different from what you’re expecting from a gay bar. People here enjoy watching sports, playing pool, and enjoying the occasional drink during happy hour with their friends.

Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn is the oldest and best-known gay bar in all of NYC. It has historical significance because it’s the birthplace of the 1969 LGBT movement. In 2019 it celebrated its 50th birthday and has fortified its position as the number one bar for LGBTQ+ visitors from around the world. It’s usually crowded by tourists and non-local people so meeting someone there is a bit harder, but it’s definitely a place you should visit if you have the chance! Note that it’s especially crowded during pride month and when there is a pride parade happening in the city.

NYC gay bars the stonewall inn
The Stonewall Inn



Pieces is one of the smallest LGBTQ+ bars in NYC on our list, but it’s a pretty big one when it comes to popularity. With karaoke Tuesdays and regular drag shows, it’s a place worth checking out. The biggest hype about Pieces happened when Adelle and Jennifer Lawrence visited for a night out! Pieces have a big reputation amongst the LGBTQ+ bars in NYC and a pretty decent history. Their popularity significantly increases around NYC pride!


Located in East Village, Nowhere is one of the most popular neighborhood gay establishments with great food, drinks, and music. It attracts a mixed crowd, with lots of visitors from other parts of New York. The great thing about the Nowhere bar is that food and drinks are pretty affordable compared to other popular gay bars in NYC.  It’s an amazing place for LGBTQ dating because all sorts of people visit this establishment.

The Cock

When you ask the gay community about the Cock, lots of them will probably mistake what you’re asking about. But when it comes to one of the best LGBTQ dating bars in NYC, it’s exactly what you would imagine after hearing what it’s called. Excentric, down and dirty, and extremely fun place where daddies and bears gather to meet like-minded people.


Unlike The Cock, Cubbyhole is popular for its incredible lesbian scene. It’s located in West Village and has been there since 1994! It’s considered one of the best gay bars in NYC but mostly caters to the lesbian community. With such a long tradition, it’s expected to find more visitors than locals here, especially around NYC pride. It has a relaxed atmosphere and affordable drinks which makes it a great place to start your night out!

NYC Pride
NYC Pride


The Eagle

Even though it’s one of the darker LGBTQ+ bars, it still attracts a lot of visitors. It’s located in Chelsea and offers two stories of pure LGBTQ fun! The deck on the upper story is a great place to check out during warmer nights and during Pride month. A wide variety of visitors visit this incredible LGBTQ+ bar and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Henrietta Hudson

The Henrietta Hudson is a classic that’s worth visiting no matter what sexual orientation you are. Although it’s a lesbian-focused, and lesbian-run establishment for more than 30 years, it still thrives and attracts a massive number of visitors, especially when the Pride parade is happening. It has changed during the years and from a hot dance club it has changed to a haven for all people in the LGBTQ+ community who want to sit back, relax and enjoy quality time with their friends and partners!

An Easy Way To Find A Date

Although NYC is filled with amazing bars and venues that are a gathering point for the LGBTQ population, it’s worth checking out other options as well if you’re on the market, looking for a relationship. Many have tried online dating, and with technology evolving so fast, dating someone you met online has become a common thing nowadays.

NYC is a place where nothing is taboo. A lot of people use Zoosk, and Match to find like-minded people from the LGBTQ population interested in hooking up or dating. The bars we listed above are some of the most common places where these people go on dates, because of the incredible atmosphere and welcoming people.


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