The Only Book Guys Ever Need To Read On Dating (For Men’s Eyes Only!)

Leah Goldberg | 02.05.18 | | Comments

Don’t you hate those articles like “The Top 10 Books on Dating in 2018?” Who’s got time to read that many books? Truth is, you only need one really good book to get a huge advantage over 90% of guys out there on dating sites, or in real life (yes, it’s still a thing to talk to girls you don’t know on the street or in bars). Often it’s better to read one amazing book a few times so that you master the concepts. Jack of all trades or master of one? There are some stats that say the median number of books an American reads is four per year (with 27% of Americans saying they didn’t ready any books).

It’s crazy that a lot of guys have a problem with women (making romantic connections, finding an amazing girl, friends with benefits, etc.), but they never take any steps to get better. You’re overweight? Start jogging and stop eating so much. Addicted to smoking? Get some patches and gum and stop hanging around with smokers. Not experiencing enough romantic hookups? Complain about it on Reddit and laugh at The Tasteless Gentleman memes.

The book you need to read

Just like every other problem in life, if you don’t have the best of luck with women, you can read a book and get better at it. Most guys get heart palpitations when a girl likes one of his Instagram photos, let alone talking to a cute girl you see at the supermarket. Gentlemen, prepare for the suffering to end! Here’s the best book for dating we’ve found for guys of all ages: The 3% Man, by Corey Wayne.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I’ve never heard of this guy or this book, what makes this so special?” We’ve all heard of the Neil Strauss and Mark Manson sort of guys – the “pick up artists.” They have some great information, but Corey Wayne is different. This guy lives for this stuff.

  • – He’s shot over 1,000 videos on dating tips for guys.
  • – In the YouTube comments he gets nothing but love from his followers.
  • – His advice is the best we’ve ever heard that anyone can follow.

He’s not a marketer trying to make a quick buck. He’s a guy who is passionate about dating and helping out his fellow men. How do we know this? Well he gives his eBook away for free on his website, as well as all of his dating videos. Here’s an overview of the book, what it offers, and who it’s for. See if you think it’s right for you.

What Does “3% Man” Mean?

Corey estimates that only 3% of men really understand women. Most guys don’t know how to act, communicate and behave around women to attract them. A ‘3% man’ is someone who knows how to pick up almost any girl he wants and take the relationship to wherever he wants. If he wants marriage and kids, he knows how to get that. If he wants a one-night stand, he knows how to get that too, and everything in between.

The 3% man knows not only how to attract women, but more importantly he knows which women to attract. Something he explains early in the book is attraction from a woman’s point of view. Think about it – if you’re a good looking, successful guy, there will be times when you meet girls that you’re just not attracted to. No matter what they do, you just don’t want to take things to the next level.

Same with women. If a woman doesn’t find you at least a 5/10 on the attractiveness scale, you’re wasting your time even trying. Wayne explains how to gauge a woman’s level of attraction fast so you can either continue with her or move on and avoid rejection. Why fight an uphill battle that you’re never going to win? The same goes for meeting women on dating apps. You want to gauge attractiveness fast so you don’t waste your time and energy on the wrong girls.

It’s not only physical attractiveness he’s talking about, some girls won’t like you even if you’re Brad Pitt. That’s cool, because there are tons of girls who will be attracted to you, you just have to find them.

My favorite tips from The 3% Man

We’re all busy. We all wish we could sit down and read and learn all day but life gets in the way. So, I’m going to share with you some of the best lessons I’ve learned from this book right here:

1. Read the book at least 10 Times, preferably 15

What? How is this a good thing? Picture this – you’re at a bar in the city waiting for a friend to meet you for a drink. A cute girl sits down at the same table and asks you if the space is taken at the end of the table? What do you do? Exactly. You’ll screw it up.

If she’s drop dead10/10 gorgeous, you’ll say something stupid. Not because you’re stupid, but you’re just nervous and you’re not prepared for this situation. You need to have a game plan to get you through things like this. A game plan is not a cheesy pickup line.  It’s knowing how to act and behave, what questions to ask her, and what questions to avoid.  The only way you can drill this stuff into your brain is through repetition.  Think of it like this: read a book 10 times, then get any girl you want for the rest of your life. Simple, and a damn good deal. We remember what we repeat.

2. Never ask other women or your friends for dating advice

Why not? Because women don’t know what they like. Or they do know, but they don’t want to admit the truth because it’s uncomfortable. You’ll find in the book that women looking for love (and other things) tend to chase men they want, and they prefer to do the chasing. They don’t like when a guy is too easy because it shows they aren’t a strong, masculine guy.

Women want a real man. Don’t think that a “real man” means things like big, strong, rugged, and outdoorsy, because that’s completely missing the point. Women don’t want a guy who chases girls because that’s not what a real man does. A real man has a mission that he is trying to accomplish in life. He has friends, hobbies, family, and doesn’t waste his time playing games and trying to pick up girls. (This idea of this paragraph is directly connected to the previous one and therefore they need to be joined). He’s better than that, he spends his time living his life, not pandering to the needs of every girl he meets. Guys – think about it from your point of view. Imagine if a girl spent all of her time chasing guys and trying to get them into relationships or to sleep with her.  What would you think of her? “She’s easy, she’s promiscuous, and not exactly the sort of girl you want to be the mother of your children. “

Guys want a girl who’s confident, does what she enjoys in life, and isn’t obsessed with the idea of finding a boyfriend… Because that’s just weird. Hopefully that helps you understand why girls want to do the chasing. And also, why you should be focusing on the rest of your life – the girls will come, and if you are focused on leading a fun, busy life, you’ll naturally become an attractive guy that women will chase and want to be with.

And why shouldn’t you consult the bro team for advice on women? Your friends are probably worse than you are with girls – a lot of relationships started due to luck/drunken hookups in school/college or in clubs, not due to their skill in dating high quality women. If they are better with girls, it’s possibly because they are naturally more confident and this can’t easily be taught.

Often those who are good at something struggle to teach it. Learn from an expert who can teach you these skills, not one of your buddies.

3. How should you act around women?

The simple answer is “like a strong, confident man,” but what does that mean? Here are a few tips that I’ve learned from the book that apply no matter what you’re looking for – straight, gay dating, whatever:

  • – A first date should always be filled with super light-hearted and funny conversation (especially if you met through online dating). Get her to have fun and she will want to see you again.
  • – Never, ever, ever talk about your ex’s or ask about hers. If she asks about yours you can say “She was a great girl, but we’ve taken different life paths”. A girl is always thinking “What will he say about me if we break up”.
  • – Always set definite dates and wait at least two days after you get her number to set the date. “Hey it’s Joe here, great to meet you the other day. Let’s go for a wine at XYZ bar 8:45 PM Thursday eve – does that suit you?
  • – Always call them if possible – it shows that you’re confident. Texting is okay but calling is best.
  • – You should always be asking the questions for two reasons – it makes you more mysterious because she knows less about you, and it allows you to find out if she’s the type of girl you’d like to date. Girls will want to unravel the mystery fast – tease them and release information about yourself slowly AKA don’t blow it all in the first five minutes.

Here’s a link to check out Corey Wayne’s website and read his book (for free). You can buy the hard copy through Amazon if you like it, but the free version is a good place to start.

Good luck out there guys!

Leah Goldberg

Leah has been writing articles, stories, and blogging for years. She had a column in a Condé Nast Publications Magazine that was popular among her readers. Leah enjoys researching the latest software products and platforms and blogging about the latest technology.

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