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Dating is difficult, especially when it comes to first dates. People lying on their profiles is common and it can hurt a little when a date shows up and is nothing like how they described themselves.

The only thing that probably sucks more than a bad date is a no-show. No one likes making an effort, waiting around, only to find out that their date stood them up. However, leading online dating companies like Zoosk understood this problem and wanted to give singles a solution to meet other singles and have fun, from the comfort of home.

Zoosk recently introduced a new feature, called Zoosk Great Dates that allows its members to enjoy a collection of virtual dating experiences with people around the world – without needing to meet them in person. Easily accessible via their website and app, the feature is ideal for fun online dating. But before we discuss Zoosk Great Dates in detail, let’s talk a little about Zoosk itself.

About Zoosk

Zoosk is an online dating site and app that is available in over 25 different languages in over 80 countries. Zoosk is one of the leading online dating site providers in the world and aims to help people connect and have fun. The company was founded by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr, who ran it until 2014. Zoosk is now part of the Spark Networks SE portfolio and helps millions of people worldwide to make more meaningful connections.

Zoosk Great Dates – The New Virtual Dating Feature

Zoosk just added an exciting new feature to their website and app for people who aren’t ready for or can’t attend in-person dates. Zoosk understood that virtual reality dating is the best solution for the millions of singles who are putting their dating lives on pause for different reasons.

The initial launch of Zoosk Great Dates is in the US only. During these on-demand interactive video dates hosted by local guides, Zoosk members and their match can enjoy a virtual city walk in Greece (Athens) or Japan (Kyoto), or a spiced wine experience in Italy (Naples). They will be adding new destinations regularly, with New Orleans coming up next! The feature is exclusively offered as a free perk for Zoosk Subscribers, enabling them to connect with their match at the click of a finger, wherever they both are in the world.

Who Is Zoosk Great Dates Perfect For?

A common question that most singles will have considered by now is if they need to date virtually or not. While this is understandable, there are a few scenarios where virtual dating is an ideal solution.

  • People Limited to Their Homes in The Pandemic
    The most common reason why people stopped dating is due to pandemic restrictions when the entire world was locked down. In addition, they didn’t want to go out and risk getting sick. This is where Zoosk Great Dates comes in handy as it allows people to date virtually.
  • People Low on Confidence
    Not everyone has the ability and confidence to walk up to someone they like and strike up a conversation. While the issue doesn’t fully go away with online dating, virtual dating gives you the option to continue dating while staying in a comfortable environment.
  • New Experiences
    Those who love meeting new people while traveling, but are unable to do it for whatever reason should definitely check out the Zoosk Great Dates feature. It’s a fun and easy way for Zoosk Subscribers to connect with their match, whether they live locally or in a different country. Plus, you get the chance to explore exciting global destinations on-demand.
  • People New to Online Dating
    People all over the world have experienced a great deal of change due to the pandemic, including in-person dating being put on hold overnight. The first-of-its-kind feature from Zoosk is an innovative approach for singles looking for virtual dating opportunities.


You probably understand the idea behind the Zoosk Great Dates, but what are the specific benefits? Why should someone prioritize this feature over several other dating websites and apps? We’ve compiled a breakdown of the feature’s benefits to make things clearer for you. Here we go:

Zoosk Great Dates – Virtual Dating Experiences

Zoosk focuses on providing innovative social dating solutions to its members – including the Zoosk Great Dates feature, which is available as an exclusive free perk to Zoosk Subscribers.

Online Availability

After taking a few minutes to register for Zoosk and upgrade to a paid subscription, paying Zoosk Subscribers unlock multiple ways to meet and chat with other singles on the platform. Once matched with someone, Zoosk Great Dates is the perfect way for singles to get to know their match better online without the potential social awkwardness of in-person dates. Designed to keep the conversation flowing through interactive choices and icebreaker questions, these experiences are a refreshing departure from stale video dates.

Demand-Based Features

Zoosk Great Dates gives people the option to enjoy virtual dating in a way that works for them. The feature is exclusively available to paying Zoosk Subscribers, so members know they’re connecting with other singles who are also serious about dating. That said, these interactive video dates are designed to be fun – which is exactly what dating should be.

Free For Zoosk Subscribers

Zoosk Subscribers can access the Zoosk Great Dates feature for free via the website or app. If you’re subscribed to Zoosk and are based in the US, this means you can learn more about these fun virtual dating experiences and book one to enjoy with your match today.

An Experience Like Never Before

There are many online dating websites and apps available, but none have offered virtual dating until now. Zoosk Great Dates is a first-of-its-kind feature, allowing people to meet other singles, try something new and explore fun destinations together – all while creating a genuine connection.

The Easiest Way To Travel

At a time when global travel remains challenging due to pandemic-related restrictions, Zoosk Great Dates provides a unique opportunity for people to embark on a virtual adventure together with the click of a finger.

How Do You Use Zoosk Great Dates?

The experience of using the new exciting feature depends on the kind of subscription you have, which is why we’re going to cover the experience for both Basic members and Zoosk Subscribers.

For Basic Zoosk Members

The Zoosk Great Dates feature is only available as a free perk for paying Zoosk Subscribers, so if you have a Basic subscription, you’ll need to upgrade your membership to access it. Being a paid Zoosk Subscriber also means you’ll enjoy other benefits, such as unlimited messaging, seeing the profiles of members who’ve viewed yours and much more.

Zoosk offers several subscription packages for different needs and budgets. Once you’ve chosen the one that fits you best and upgraded your membership, you can access Zoosk Great Dates as a free feature. To increase your chance of matching with someone to invite on a date, you’ll need to provide basic details about yourself, upload a few suitable photos and describe the type of person and relationship you’re looking for.

For Zoosk Subscribers

Whether you prefer to use the website or app, all Zoosk Subscribers can access Zoosk Great dates on-demand from the main menu. The feature will be rolled out to US-based members before being made available to everyone in time. Here’s what you can enjoy when you try Zoosk Great Dates:

  • Interactive video dating experiences in fun global destinations, on-demand (Athens, Naples, and Kyoto to begin with)
  • Explore the culture, history and cuisine of these vibrant cities virtually, guided by your local host
  • Enjoy virtual dating designed to inspire conversation and create a genuine connection between you and your match
  • Decide what your local guide will show you next with your match to personalize your experience.

Is The Zoosk Great Dates Feature Worth It?

Zoosk has introduced a better way to date, by launching its exciting Zoosk Great Dates feature for US-based members. The website and app answer the problems of people who aren’t ready for or can’t participate in conventional dating. It’s a more comfortable take on online dating as it allows members to meet new people, visit fun global destinations, and discover new experiences. It means that users will bond with one another over things that excite them and come up with activities mutually.

Zoosk has been helping millions of people to meet, chat and date for the past 13 years. So, it’s pretty safe to say that you too will enjoy the process of making meaningful connections with like-minded singles once you subscribe to Zoosk.

Zoosk also has a free blog, where members can read useful articles on dating advice and tips. We’re confident that the Zoosk Great Dates feature is here to stay and will make it much easier for you to meet new people and have fun getting to know them, all on your terms.

Bottom Line

If you want to put the fun back into your dating life, we recommend trying Zoosk Great Dates. Whatever your age or gender, this exciting new feature will ensure boring virtual dates are banished for ever!

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