How to Date Before Valentine’s Day

Aneeca Younas

Feb 08 2022

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It’s never easy to be single with Valentine’s Day around the corner. No matter how hard you try, you might feel vulnerable when you see cute couples and decorations everywhere. That might pressure you into looking for a date. And while online dating is an excellent opportunity to find a match, you need to be careful. We prepared some tips to stick to on dating apps while navigating through this tricky time!

Dating Tips Leading Up to Valentine’s Day

The reports indicate that there are 49 million online dating users only in the United States. This means you have good odds of finding a date just by putting yourself out there on the apps. But if you are looking for a perfect match with Valentine’s Day getting near, you need to adjust your tactics. Here are some dating tips to use during this time of year!

Don’t Rush with Going on a Date

It’s the most common mistake singles make around Valentine’s Day. We get scared of being alone on the leadup to Valentine’s day, which makes us impulsively decide to agree to dates. More often than not, it ends up being a disaster. 

If you are serious about online dating, let communication take its course. While you message each other, you’ll sense when your bond is strong enough to see each other in person. And even if you feel now is the right time, don’t schedule a date for Valentine’s Day. It will put pressure on both of you, and it will be hard to be comfortable and honest.

The Importance of Staying Safe

Here’s a tip that goes hand in hand with the previous one. Unfortunately, even the best online dating sites like Zoosk have some scammer users. Always check out that the person trying to date you is legit. Don’t let the holiday and sweet talk cloud your judgment. You don’t want anyone using you, sexually or otherwise. And you certainly don’t want to get yourself in risky situations, so always ensure the first date is in a public location.

Spice Up Your Dating Profile

Optimizing your profile has twofold effects. The obvious one is to improve its attractiveness to other online dating users. Feel free to adjust your description with new hobbies, and don’t forget to refresh your photos. Do you have a fine picture from going out with friends last week? It’s time to publish it. 

Also, try to make it different from other available images. If you only have full-body shots, how about posting a selfie now? Another thing to consider is image suitability to the site. You won’t use the same images on Christian Mingle and websites where people are more open to flirting.

Another benefit of optimizing your profile is you’ll feel better. It will give you a confidence boost when establishing new contacts. It can also be a topic to talk about with your existing contacts, but it would be ideal if they started the discussion.

Make Yourself Start New Conversations

You might be shy or lack the confidence to send the message first. It’s time to cross that bridge and establish a new rule. During the next week or two, give yourself the task of dropping a message to a certain number of users. You can look for ideal online dating icebreakers, but you can’t go wrong by talking about that person’s interests. Things to remember include being polite, respectful, and (if possible) funny.

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Remove one Deal Breaker from Your List

We all imagine our perfect soulmate that fulfills all criteria we want from them. For example, women might dream about a male of a certain ethnicity with top education, but they also desire they are at least 6’3” tall. Would it be so terrible if they were 6’2”? The idea isn’t to eliminate all criteria but to keep a more open mind. Do they seem like a good person and a potential match? Give them a chance regardless of what boxes you checked when analyzing them.

But while loosening up a bit is the goal, don’t go against who you are. If you are searching for a long-term partner and hookups aren’t your thing, stay true to that. You can make that clear on your profile, but make sure to convey the right message when chatting, too.

Fun Alternatives When Celebrating the Valentine’s Day Single

According to statistics, one out of four singles doesn’t hide they will make plans for Valentine’s Day. While we are all up for maximizing time spent on dating apps, V-Day is specific. You might want to take a break from the idea of finding a partner for a single night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Check out these alternatives on how to spend V-Day:

  • Surprise friends with a present. You can even organize a get-together with the “secret Santa” concept where each guest buys a present for one other person.
  • Spend time doing what you love. Whether that’s watching your favorite show or playing video games, organize a night where you’ll enjoy your favorite activity with no distractions.
  • Volunteer. It’s a great way to feel better and spread love to those who surely need it. You can volunteer in a nursing home, animal shelter, or any other place in your community that could use some help.
  • Go to a sports game. If you are a sports fan and your favorite team is playing, how about watching the match live?
  • Get a makeover. Have you been postponing that new haircut idea for a while? If you don’t need a makeover, you can pamper yourself with a hot bath.
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The crucial takeaway is that you’ll find love at the right time. It doesn’t matter what date is tomorrow or when Valentine’s Day is. You should always date on your terms, so don’t let this time of year rush you into anything.

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