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Finding love online is easier and more common than ever. There are simply numerous dating websites from which to choose. The Elite Singles dating site and the OKCupid dating site are among the most popular for several key reasons. If you’re interested in finding a partner through the Internet, you may be asking which is the best online dating site for your goals.

It’s important to understand that every dating website is different. You need to account for a range of factors to determine which you should use.

This guide will help. By comparing both the Elite Singles dating site and the OKCupid dating site, this will will help you better understand which is the best online dating site for you.

Elite Singles Dating Site vs. OKCupid Dating Site: What You Need to Know

Matching System

A dating site’s matching system determines both how you find matches. That makes it a very important factor to consider when reviewing your options. You want to be certain you’re comfortable with the means through which you’ll seek out a partner.

OKCupid’s matching system can actually vary depending on how you’re using the service. If you’re using the desktop OKCupid dating site, you can browse profiles of users in your area who’ve matched with you for a variety of reasons. This gives you the opportunity to check their profile in greater depth than you might on a mobile app. You can see more of their pictures, check their bio, learn about their interests, and more. If you find someone who interests you, you can “like” their profile. If they also like yours, you can begin messaging each other. OKCupid uses the way you answered questions, your location, and your stated goals (such as looking for a relationship or looking for hookups) to provide you with matches. However, OKCupid’s algorithm isn’t as rooted in science as some other platforms, like eHarmony.

OKCupid also allows users to browse profiles in a manner that’s similar to Tinder. This is particularly ideal if you’re using the service on a mobile device. OKCupid will provide you with the basics of a match’s profile, such as their main profile picture and username. You can then swipe right if you’re interested in them, or swipe left if you’re not.


Due to its name, you might have already guessed that Elite Singles is unique when compared to OKCupid. Like Silver Singles, Christian Mingle, and similar options, it’s designed for people who are looking for a certain type of partner.

Elite Singles was specifically designed for elder and educated users who want to meet similar individuals. Its matching system is rooted in a personality assessment you must undergo when creating your profile. After the assessment, Elite Singles will account for several other potentially relevant factors, such as your age, career, and location, providing you with three to seven matches each day. You can check their profiles and indicate casual interest in a match with a smiley emoji, or message a match directly. If you’re not sure whether you want to reach out to a match just yet, you can also add them to your Favorites.

Neither OKCupid nor Elite Singles allows you to browse the entire pool of nearby users completely freely. You are restricted to browsing the matches they provide you with on a daily basis. Luckily, Elite Singles’ system is based on providing matches you’ll genuinely connect with.

Profile Features

OKCupid allows you to create a fairly thorough profile that covers the same basic factors of a social media profile. You can upload up to six photos, write a bio about yourself, indicate your general interests, answer questions about your personality and goals, and generally provide basic information that may be relevant to your matches (such as age, career, and relationship goals).

The most important profile factor for Elite Singles is the results of your personality assessment test that you take when signing up. Again, the matching system is rooted in a genuine personality assessment model, one designed to help you find someone who is an ideal match for you. Elite Singles will match yours with other profiles by comparing your lifestyle, interests, and goals.

However, you do of course have some freedom to modify your own profile. You can upload pictures, and make changes based on suggestions from Elite Singles’ algorithm. It can review your profile and the results of your personality assessment to let you know of ways you can optimize your profile to more clearly stand out to your matches.


Once again, when debating between using the OKCupid dating site or the Elite Singles dating site, you need to remember that different platforms are ideal for different types of people. The demographics of one platform in particular might make it more appealing to you than other options.

For instance, Elite Singles targets people who consider themselves elder, and would like to meet similarly elder people. That may explain why most of its user base is in the 33 to 50 age range. Additionally, the vast majority of its users have graduated from college.

OKCupid is different. The majority of its users are between the ages of 24 and 35. Thus, it’s not necessarily the most popular dating website among people exclusively interested in settling down.

It’s also important to point out that OKCupid has been known to take a stand on social and political issues in the past. As a result, a substantial portion of its user base tends to be politically liberal. That might not appeal to you if you’re interested in finding someone with conservative values.

Signing Up

Signing up for both Elite Singles and OKCupid is a relatively easy process. Both simply involve steps that, while not particularly difficult, can be somewhat time-consuming. You may want to set aside time to make sure you truly optimize your profile when initially creating your account.

Joining Elite Singles is as simple as visiting the site and registering your account. Once you’ve completed the basic steps (which the platform will guide you through), you’ll take the personality assessment test, complete your profile, then begin receiving matches.

elite singles registration

The process at OKCupid isn’t significantly different. You can sign up via the website, or you can download the app to create your account. As with creating virtually any online account, you’ll provide basic information, choose your username, and answer a series of questions to help the platform find matches for you. After this is complete, you can also add pictures and a bio.

OKCupid prompts users to answer a certain number of questions when first creating a profile. This is key to finding users they will match with. However, you have the option to answer many more questions in the future. The more questions you answer, the better the odds you’ll find matches you get along with.


Elite Singles offers several pricing models. You can pay $59.95 for one month, or sign up for multiple months (to be paid for in one lump sum) at the cost of $34.95 per month for three months, $24.95 per month for six months, or $17.95 for 12 months. Additionally, you can upgrade to a Premium Plus membership. This allows you to receive 20 extra matches per day. Premium Plus memberships cost $69.95 for one month, $39.95 per month for three months, $29.95 per month for six months, or $19.95 per month for 12 months.

OKCupid’s main features are free to use. However, the site does offer premium plans as well. With the A-List plan, which costs $19.95 per month for one month or $9.95 per month for six months, you can remove ads, find out who liked you before you like them, like as many profiles as you please (there is typically a limit), see when a user has read a message you sent, and use advanced search features. With the A-List Premium plan, which costs $34.90 for one month or $24.90 per month for six months, you can all the same perks as the traditional A-List plan, along with automatic daily profile boosts, seeing how people answered public questions before you answer them, and being matched with more “attractive” users.

OKCupid Dating Site vs. Elite Singles Dating Site: What’s the Verdict?

You have to account for your goals when choosing between these two options. Are you a more elder person looking to truly settle down with someone who has a similar lifestyle and values? If so, Elite Singles may be the best option. On the other hand, if you’re a young person who isn’t opposed to casual relationships and can be patient when looking for matches (as OKCupid’s matching system doesn’t leverage science and psychology to the same degree as Elite Singles’), you may find OKCupid appealing. As always, remember that the best dating site is the one that’s right for your goals at this time.

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I am considering Elite Singles. I am a 69-year-old lady who is really 59 in looks and actions. I do not know which plan will be most effective..one month, six months, or one year.

Please share your opinion with me. I am interested in a serious relationship leading to marriage.


Hi Denise. A one-year plan ends up being the lowest cost per month, since EliteSingles gives a discount for signing up long-term. That being said, you could be lucky and find someone for you within the first month! The final decision has to be yours, but generally, I think it’s a good idea to sign up for at least several months at once to get the discounted price and to not feel pressured that you have a limited amount of time before it auto-renews (you can turn off auto-renewal in your account settings).


I am looking forward for a single Christian
Woman. That will love . me and.i will love her


I am 56 but don’t look or act it. My last GF was 48 n the one before was 40. Should I join elite singles or silver elite singles? How many over 50s r on elite singles? R there any under 50s on silver elite?

Top5 Team

You’re more likely to find people more in your age group if you look for matches on Silver Singles – if an elite match is important to you, you can still likely find that there!

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