How to Find a Valentine’s Day Date: 5 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Joseph Oliveto

Feb 11 2020

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. However, don’t worry if you don’t have a date yet. There’s still plenty of time to ask someone to be your Valentine’s Day date this year.

You also shouldn’t worry if you don’t know how to ask someone “Will you be my Valentine?” Plenty of people feel intimidated when considering the idea of asking their crush out on a date. These tips will help you ask someone out with confidence. Read on to boost your odds of getting a Valentine before the big day arrives.

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine’s Day Date: Key Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Avoid This Common Mistake

Before going any further, it’s important to note that any article on the topic of how to ask someone out will offer general tips that should work in a variety of situations. That said, you also need to keep in mind that everyone is different. When you think of Valentine’s Day ideas, you don’t plan the exact same dates and celebrations as other couples. You tailor popular date ideas to match the personality and tastes of your Valentine.

The same should be true when you consider how to ask someone out this year. Although the tips here will help you get a yes to the question “Will you be my Valentine?”, you may need to modify your approach in some instances, depending on the person you’re asking out.

2. Be Straightforward

Far too many people overthink the process of asking someone out. They believe they need to perform grand gestures to make the right impression.

Fortunately, real life isn’t a movie. It’s far more likely your potential Valentine would prefer that you simply let them know you’d be interested in a date if they’d be interested too. The specific way in which you go about doing this may be mildly unique, but your main goal is to ensure the person you’re asking out clearly understands your intentions. You’ll, in fact, come across as more confident if you don’t rely on grand romantic gestures to convince your crush to be your Valentine.

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3. Know the Right Etiquette for the Situation

It’s worth noting that the rise of online dating sites has changed the way people ask each other on dates to some degree. In the past, it was generally considered a minor romantic faux pas to ask someone out via online chat or text message. However, thanks to online dating sites, many romantic partners don’t have the opportunity to meet in person until they are on their first date.

In-Person Etiquette

It’s of course ideal to ask someone out in person if you have the option to. When doing so, be sure you’re dressed well, smile, and try to maintain body language that projects confidence. These simple factors will help you make the right impression.

Online Etiquette

On the other hand, if you’re asking someone out online or through text because you only recently met via an online dating site, you’ll have a better chance of landing a date if you keep certain etiquette tips in mind. For example, you should only contact someone through the means they have provided you with. That means, even if you found your crush’s email address through entirely innocent circumstances, if they’ve only directly provided you with their phone number, don’t follow a text message with an email if you haven’t heard back as soon as you would like to. This will come across as overbearing. Again, it’s much smarter to be patient and direct. You also shouldn’t try to arouse their interest by playing games, such as waiting too long to respond to one of their messages. People simply prefer honesty and directness when chatting with those they’ve met through online dating sites.

You should also research online dating sites if you don’t have a Valentine’s Day date this year, nor do you have a crush you’re thinking of asking out. Online dating platforms and apps can connect you with the exact right person for your lifestyle and goals.

That’s because they are often specialized. For instance, if you’re a Christian who wants to date another Christian, odds are good you can find love on ChristianMingle. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a Valentine’s Day date over the age of 50, you may prefer SilverSingles.

4. Prepare Some Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s important that you not beg when asking someone out. Don’t make the mistake of spending the entire time listing all the reasons your crush should give you a shot. Your goal should be to ask out someone who has some degree of genuine interest in going on a date with you. If you need to coax someone into being your Valentine, they probably aren’t right for you in the long run.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to make the idea of going on a date with you more appealing by preparing some Valentine’s Day ideas you think your crush would be interested in. While you don’t want to give off the impression that you’ve already thoroughly planned your date (this would make you come across as too presumptuous), you do want to indicate you’re asking this person out because you have genuine feelings for them. It will be meaningful to have considered their specific interests when thinking about how you might potentially spend a Valentine’s Day date.

5. Don’t Go Overboard

The current nature of your relationship with the person you are asking out may affect the way you feel you should ask them out. If you’re merely asking out someone who you’ve been chatting with via an online dating site for the past few weeks, you may feel comfortable being casual. However, if you’re thinking about asking out a friend for whom you’ve secretly been harboring strong feelings, you might feel the impulse to dramatically confess your feelings while asking them to be your Valentine’s Day date.

Resist this impulse. Valentine’s Day may be special, but a first date is still a first date. You’re still at the stage where you should be casually getting to know your crush romantically. If the date turns into a relationship, then you can express your stronger feelings.

Just remember the advice at the beginning of this article: everyone is unique. Keep these tips in mind when asking for a Valentine’s Day date, but more importantly, consider what specific steps you can take to show your crush you care about their tastes and interests. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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